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Community Radar #11

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another set of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


Once again, Ghostovich proves his talent in this latest screenshot, skillfully capturing the iconic Mi-8MT helicopter introduced in the 1.0 update and Soviet riflemen defending a landing zone. The image demonstrates a well-executed use of shallow depth of field that truly emphasizes the immersive experience awaiting players in the game.

In Marzvid's captivating screenshot, we're shown the player's perspective under a moonlit night, attentively overlooking a valley. The detailed lighting really underscores the strategic importance of fortifications. With the new supply system, players can utilize cover and bunkers to overwatch and ambush enemies anywhere across the map effectively.

In this captivating screenshot by JMoffPHC, the close-up image of the Mi-8MT helicopter introduced is nothing short of awesome. The well-framed shot beautifully captures the subtle effects of wind on the surrounding foliage, adding an immersive touch to the Reforger experience.

Check out this fantastic screenshot by Zeza โ€“ it totally captures the sense of an intense battle with Soviet forces charging forward. The UH-1H exploding in the background adds that extra touch of drama, making it feel like a scene straight out of an action movie.


With the recent 1.0 release update, Chewie_ has truly outdone themselves in preparing their Worthy Islands terrain mod! The level of detail is staggering, and it is definitely worth exploring the intricacies from the in-game Workshop.

If you've used mods like the DUI Squad Radar or the ShackTac User Interface, then you definitely want to take a look at the COALITION Squad Interface for Arma Reforger. With a dynamic compass, detailed bearing info, visible stamina bars, and more, this mod is it a must-try. There are even planned familiar additions like assignable color teams and a squad radar, so we look forward to seeing its progress. You can find the full list of features and plans on the BI Forums.

Reforger Lobby by Seskel brings a nostalgic twist to the game, reviving the classic Operation Flashpoint role selection layout in the lobby. While currently only used for dedicated servers, the mod offers a glimpse into the past, and scenario makers can explore its potential further on the mod's GitHub page, enhancing your creative options for that classic gameplay experience.

Speaking of scenarios, experience the thrill of unpredictable missions with Dynamic Operations - Everon by Jacob_Meister. Inspired by the Combat Ops game mode and Dynamic Recon Ops, this mod generates scenarios with objectives ranging from destroying helicopters to stealing vehicles. Packed with features like random vehicle spawns and checkpoint systems, it guarantees a unique experience every time. Still in active development, the creator welcomes feedback and suggestions on the Arma Discord.

If you're looking for a little more variety in your environment, Bacon Weather by mod developer bacon elevates the atmospheric experience with new weather presets, introducing conditions like fog and thunderstorms. With enhanced visual elements such as god rays in various presets and a touch of fog in the early mornings, this mod adds immersive diversity to the game's weather dynamics.

Exciting news for WW2 enthusiasts as the 101st Airborne gear makes its debut as part of Operation Overlord, featuring an array of meticulously detailed helmets, gear items, and accessories. This initial release sets the stage for an immersive WW2 experience, and with a roadmap outlined in their Discord, the mod developers are committed to delivering even more comprehensive and authentic gameplay in the future.


Stay tuned for updates on the official Arma social channels to catch announcements for the next public play session! These are exciting opportunities to engage with both the community and developers. Don't miss out on the chance to join the epic action and connect with the vibrant Arma community during these exciting events.


With the official release of 1.0, there are a lot of changes to go over! Fortunately,ย Ironbeard has put together a comprehensive overview video covering a multitude of these updates and tweaks that you need to know to understand the latest additions in the game. You can watch it over on YouTube!

For new players, check out the concise video by Scalespeeder Gaming, spotlighting the newly introduced Training mode in the 1.0 update. Accessible under Scenarios for both Xbox and PC, this mode offers an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game's features and master controls, ensuring you're well-prepared before venturing onto the live battlefield.

Don't miss out on UselessFodder's insightful video unpacking the latest helicopter additions in Reforger! He offers a quick tutorial demonstrating how to hop into these helicopters within 30 seconds of launching the game. It's the perfect guide for those looking to test the exciting new additions swiftly.

Embark on an action-packed adventure with Pershing in his latest video showcasing Arma Reforger 1.0 gameplay. He joins forces with TactiGamer, Phan, and DueRag95 as they strategically disrupt a major FIA supply line, exploring the thrilling additions of helicopters.


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