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Since the launch of Reforger, our Dev Team has tirelessly chipped away at the ambitious Roadmap we initially laid out. Their hard work has resulted in the addition of features from the Ground Support Milestone, as well as other features from subsequent milestones. In some cases, they have implemented features not originally included in the Roadmap or extended the complexity of features beyond what was originally planned.

As building a platform is an organic process, the team must constantly adapt to rapidly shifting requirements, and the exact timing of feature completion is very difficult to predict. While we are continuing development according to the Roadmap, certain features are often completed sooner than expected, while other features sometimes take much longer than expected to complete.

Eventually, the question arose:

Should we strictly follow the Roadmap and only release features in the order they were planned?

We have decided the answer is “no.”

We want to give our community the best features as soon as we finish them, and we cannot let ourselves be limited by our original plans. For example, why should people wait until the Final Strike milestone for Revive when the feature was already ready to go during Ground Support?

The problem is, that releasing features from different milestones makes it difficult for players to keep up with what features have been completed. So, we realized we needed to reevaluate our original Roadmap and come up with a better way to communicate our progress to the community.

When we created the original Roadmap, we divided features into 3 thematic milestones. However, some of our estimates turned out to be inaccurate, so we have decided to reshuffle the features to better reflect the current state of Reforger's development. Features that we expect to take longer to complete have been moved to later milestones, and features that we expect to be completed sooner have been moved to earlier milestones. Though the milestone names might not thematically represent all of the features within them now, the current Roadmap more accurately reflects how we anticipate development to progress. As always, unforeseen obstacles could still arise, and there could be changes down the line, so we will do our best to keep you informed if they do.

In addition, we will be continuously checking off features within the Roadmap to give you a quick overview of all completed features at any given time. The features in the Roadmap are now color coded as follows:

·       Green - Completed

·       Yellow - Currently available in Experimental

·       White - Planned or in progress

The Roadmap will be updated with every Major and Experimental Update so that anyone can take a quick glance and know where Reforger is in its development. You can navigate to the most up-to-date Roadmap at any time directly from the menu at the top of the Reforger website, or at:

We want to thank our wonderful community for their feedback, contributions, and patience throughout the development process. Reforger is constantly evolving, and we want to assure all of you that we are fully committed to delivering all of the features in the Roadmap.

While the game is still a work in progress, we are incredibly excited about where it’s heading, and we can’t wait to fully bring our vision for Reforger to life.

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