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Reforged Experience

Four years have passed since rogue Soviet forces invaded Everon, sparking a Cold War crisis.

Now, as the world teeters on the precipice of an unexpected conflict, storm clouds have again returned to the idyllic island. Rumours of war crackle on the airwaves, reels of razor wire are redeployed, and on the beaches, U.S. soldiers, thousands of miles from home, await the spectre of enemy ships. The battle for the future is about to begin again, on the strategic fault lines of the past — and the time has come to choose a side...

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Experience authentic combat on both Xbox and PC, for the first time in the Arma series. Modded content is no longer exclusive to PC players and can be downloaded by console owners from the content creation repository on the Workshop.

Dive into the battle of capturing Everon in Conflict game mode and engage with other players when taking over the island. Or, create your own scenario for other players as a Game Master.

Arma Reforger is a versatile platform for player exploration — powered by the all new Enfusion engine. Every aspect of the game can be modded using Workbench, a suite of in-house development tools, designed specifically for the Arma community.

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Road to Arma 4

Arma Reforger is the first milestone on the long road to Arma 4...

Of course, we are not alone on our journey — we aim to shape the future of the series with you, our community.

Through an interactive, collaborative approach, we hope to learn valuable lessons and push the franchise further than ever before, showcasing exciting developments on our new Enfusion engine while offering a rewarding and independently playable experience along the way.

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