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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the game on both Steam and Xbox.



  • Changed: Charges spawned by game master are no longer armed by default

  • Tweaked: Multiphase destruction for Sandbags

  • Tweaked: Flare VFX adjustments

  • Tweaked: Interactions with doors and gates by adding new physics setup for them

  • Fixed: Depth of big lake

  • Fixed: Unconscious state of Mi-8 navigator was using death animation instead of the unconscious one

  • Fixed: No damage source in damage context for melee attacks

  • Fixed: Projectile effect transform was sometimes not correct on the server when a client shoots a projectile

  • Fixed: Custom accessibility config for turret to not be obstructed when placed into nests

  • Fixed: It was possible to drag incorrect item when dragging item from slot border

  • Fixed: Obsolete optics magnification keybind in Field Manual

  • Fixed: Map reading coordinates fixed in Field Manual illustration

  • Fixed: Aim and freelook action bindings could not be changed on gamepad (Thanks to Steve-E for the report!)

  • Removed: Unused commands from map commanding


  • Changed: Improved performance for extended damage manager

  • Fixed: VME when interacting with deploy action on radio on DS

  • Fixed: Broken wait with timeout on semaphore and event implementations for Linux

  • Fixed: Damage-related memory leak messages caused by script recompilation

  • Removed: Log warning "BaseProjectileEffect::ApplyEffect has not received an instigator..."


  • Changed: AI driving and PID setups for vehicles

  • Fixed: Fixed Move In waypoint when in a forest

  • Fixed: Leader takes gunner seat when in 2-member group

  • Fixed: AI wouldn't mount static turrets under Get In waypoint/command

  • Fixed: Get In specific vehicle does not fail when subgroup already is in that vehicle


  • Added: FindDamageEffectOfType, FindAllDamageEffectsOfType, FindAllDamageEffectsOfTypeOnHitZone, FindDamageEffectOnHitZone

  • Changed: Reordered the parameters of FindDamageEffectsOnHitZone to keep them consistent with the rest of ExtendedDamageManagerComponent API

  • Changed: Disabled ColliderHistoryComponent on until optimized better, remains enabled on and

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