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Introducing our second Mod Report, a resource for modders seeking useful insights and updates. In this edition, we'll delve into Script Editor Enhancements, the latest in Ballistic Protection, Mesh Morphs, and many more.

Features introduced in 0.9.9

Script Editor Updates

  •  Scrollbar Overlay Markers

    • The scroll-bar on the right now has color markers that indicate the location of various things in the document: breakpoints, errors, bookmarks, current cursor position, and highlighted search results

  • Comments

    • You can now easily comment out of a block of code either from the menu->Edit->Comment Selection or by slash key shortcut "/"

    • The same action can also be used to later uncomment that block again. The shortcut can be changed to your liking in the Workbench options

  • Text Search Update

    • Script Editor now supports "find in files" in a specific addon

    • Searched text is highlighted by default (the feature has been there for many years, but turned off by default)

    • Search history fixed (text was not added to the history combo when the "Find" button was clicked instead of "enter")

  • Improved Suggestions

    • Suggestions now properly filtering by visibility (public/protected/private & static/dynamic)

  • Breakpoints

    • You can use the new toolbar to do the following: 

      • Filter existing breakpoints based on text and/or line number

      • Disable/enable as well as remove (popup window for misclicks) all breakpoints

Font Size

  • In the Script Editor, you can now change the font size directly with CTRL + Mouse Wheel

  • Find & Replace in Selection

    • Feature

      • You can now Find & Replace in the Current Selection

  • Tweaked

    • General feel of the selection commenting/uncommenting (cursor stays in position)

  • Documentation Hints

    • The hover tooltip now also displays comments

  • Navigation through the class hierarchy

    • for classes: both Base Classes & Inherited Classes lists

    • for methods: both Overrides & Overridden by lists

    • now works directly in the code text context menu

  • Support for Modded Classes

    • Shows them correctly with location

    • Ctrl+click jumps to the correct implementation

    • The order of modded class applications is the same as when applied in game

NetAPI & Python capabilities improvement

  • Send terrain selection to Blender for advanced terrain modifications

  • Workbench Script Plugins can now add actions to the context menu on resources

Workshop Contributors

You can now specify a list of contributors when publishing your addon.

  • Only you as the author can change this list, or remove the addon

  • The contributors will get the rights to publish updates of this addon

  • More details on our Wiki

Downloading Mods in the Background

Now, you can download mods from the in-game Workshop even when the game is in the background (alt-tabbed). This is super handy, especially if you have a slower internet connection or want to download bigger mods.

Behavior Editor improvements

  • Support for read-only files (lock icon and disabling editing functionalities)

  • Variables panel improved (search bar, delete shortcut, etc.)

  • Can now be configured in Workbench options

  • Restoring tabs from the last session (can be disabled in options)

  • Added visual grid to the background of the scene (also available in Audio Editor)

  • Added search bar to Node Parameter's panel

  • Undo/redo now works for multiple nodes

  • Added breakpoint button to the main toolbar

  • Additional minor fixes and improvements

  • Item Explorer

    • Provides a view of the nodes in the scene

    • Synced selection between the scene and the panel

    • Can delete nodes and categories of nodes from here

    • Center nodes by double-clicking on an item

    • Search for nodes in the search bar by name/type

  • Breakpoints

    • Sync with nodes that have a breakpoint

    • Double-click the center node and give the keyboard focus

Cinematic Tool Track Modifiers

Inspired by Blender, you can now add "modifiers" to your cinematic tracks.
Modifiers are used for adding "procedural flavor" to otherwise clean, keyframed, tracks.
Things like blinking lights, camera shakes, offsetting, or tinting some tracks quickly without changing the underlying keyframes.

There is a new panel in the Cinematic Tool, where you can see, add, and edit modifiers for the currently selected track.
The system is also fully extendable from the script, so you can create your own modifiers. Simply:

  • Inherit from given base class

  • Expose some parameters

  • Implement what the modifier does when applied

Simple shake modifier script:

class NoiseModifier : CinematicTrackModifier
  float Strength;
  float Speed;
  override vector OnApplyModifierVector(float time, vector originalValue)
    float t = time*Speed;
    vector noise = Vector(
    Math.PerlinNoise(t, 0, 0),
    Math.PerlinNoise(0, t, 0),
    Math.PerlinNoise(0, 0, t));
    return originalValue + noise*Strength;

There is a OnApplyX method for each basic track type (bool, int, float, vector, color).
The full version of this modifier is available right away in the data (NoiseCinematicTrackModifier.c)

More information

  • Modifier effect also is visible in edit-time

  • You can limit the frame range of the modifier with an optional fade on both ends

  • Modifiers can be chained together for complex behavior

  • Modifiers can be disabled

  • Tracks with modifiers have a blue "M" icon in their title

  • The modifiers panel can be hidden in Options

Ballistic protection update

Dynamic fitting of clothing items

  • All uniforms, vests, rigs, and backpacks will inflate/deflate dynamically based on your loadout! Because of this, all these items are interchangeable between factions and will fit regardless of the unique loadouts you may come up with

  • Check out the tutorials that cover setting ballistic protection on those items on our Wiki

Tech changes

  • Firegeometry is properly animated and added to all helmets in-game, as well as the Soviet 6b2 vest

    • Colliders for all new armor types have custom materials with exact thicknesses, densities, and balanced kinetic resistance setup

  • Virtual ballistic protection is added to all soft-armor solutions

    • Soft armor is configured with an enum that contains specific values balanced to conform to official armor rating systems for both Russian and US standards

Art and sound

  • Ballistic protection contains 3 new vests. The PASGT, 6B2, 6B3, M69 (Woodland and olive). As well as the new M1 helmets, with many subvariants with awesome camouflage patterns.

  • Sounds for impacts with firegeometry-based armor, and the meanest sound for hitting fleshy targets.

Improved Mod Folder Names of Downloaded Content

Server admins may appreciate a small change that has been introduced - instead of just using the GUID for the folder name, all downloaded mods now use the project title as part of it.

Saving Worlds in the Root Folder 

All issues with resource files being saved into the data root directory have been fixed. It fixes/solves the following:

1. The reported map-saving issues of modders
2. Next eventual issues with any resources being saved directly into a data root directory
3. The mentioned restriction (dialog message) regarding not saving a map into a data root directory is gone. Since now people can save their maps directly into a profile folder or addon data root dir for example.

Mesh Morphs

Enfusion now includes Morphing.

Vehicle Animations Samples

Vehicle Animations Samples have been added to our GitHub.

  • An initial small package containing character parts of UAZ-469 animations

Features introduced in 1.0

Show Hitzones Debug

  • From now on, if you want to use "Show hit zones" debug located in GameCode->Hit Zones you will need to enable the debug of HandleDamageSystem. You can do it from the diag menu like this:  Systems-> Systems Diag -> Frame -> Check HandleDamageSystem

Workbench Launcher improvements

  • Added option for switching between original grid view and newly added list view

  • Added option for "batch adding" of existing projects ("Scan for Projects")

  • Changed: The project list is now stored in the config file inside Profile dir

  • This allows users to have more setups of base game+addon (stable, experimental, and more when using CLI)

  • This is useful for modders who are playing with multiple mods - they can now add multiple dependencies with a single click

  • Arma Reforger & Arma Reforger Experimental addon lists are separated, so you no longer have to worry about launching the Experimental version of the tools with the stable version of game data

    • This works by using different profiles, modders can utilize it to have different modsets where they can have different mod versions launched depending on the profile used

Transfer to addon feature expanded

Transfer to 'ArmaReforger' action has been improved. Newly you can use it to transfer data from any addon to any other addon. 

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