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Community Radar #8

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another set of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


Whether it's the recently introduced Free Roam Building feature or Game Master constructed, we continually see the creativity of our community in their compositions and designs. For example, in this image we have a small fortification created by -M*A*S*H- that may take a boat to reach but could be a nice little lookout for the FIA. We'd love to see other unique places players have decided to build and their finished projects.


In the small Arland town of Beauregard, we find the remnants of a recent battle. It leaves us wondering what happened and how it all started. Thanks to AkiKay from our Arma Discord for showcasing and creating an outstanding well-composed image.


In this image, a U.S. MH-60 helicopter does a low flyby after the attack on a local encampment. Thanks to Squarerwinpc for sharing their work with us. Great use of lighting!

Low flyby

This photo by KOOP is truly remarkable! This well-framed shot of soldiers gathered around the campfire at night is captivating. You have captured the warmth of relaxing together before the chaos, while also highlighting the contrast between the night's darkness and the fire's brightness. Thank you for sharing this image. We look forward to seeing more in the future.


U.S. soldiers patrol the hillsides as the soft, warm light of the sunrise perfectly illuminates this scene. A beautiful scene while the mist in the distance adds a sense of mystery and tranquility. Thank you to IDK_Benji for sharing this stunning artwork.



As mentioned in a previous COMRAD, the RHS team has begun their Reforger project RHS: Status Quo. This mod has since been released to the Workshop and is packed with exciting new additions for the community. Everything from weapons, uniforms, vehicles, and more. It's definitely on our recommended list of mods to look at, and there is more on the horizon, as showcased in their recent trailer!

Thanks to SpaceStrider, the Soviet forces have gained another vehicle asset to deploy to the battlefield. This BMP-3 Early is a Russian infantry fighting vehicle ready to engage the enemy across multiple types of terrain with its tracked mobility. Discover this fighting machine on the Workshop today.

BMP-3 Early

Looking for a blissful escape to a remote paradise? Look no further than Worthy Island! Explore the mysterious caves and bustling towns, or come soak up the sun on one of the many beaches on this remarkable island created by Chewie. Rumor has it that the war may spread to this vacation hotspot, so book your dream getaway today from the Workshop!

From beaches to the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, set up base in the Korengal Valley on the terrain made by KIOK Milsim. A scenic province with much to explore, prepare for combat on various terrains, elevations, and landscapes.


Don't play alone! Communities worldwide are still fighting it out on the islands of Everon and Arland. You can join the battle with communities like Operazioni Arma Italia and many more that regularly play both with players on Steam and Xbox.

We're still advancing the many capabilities of the Enfusion engine, but once in a while, you have to smile at the tests that come from it. Miro Horvath, a Bohemian Senior Technical Artist, had some fun playing with our shaders; the results were more than interesting.


Learn how to shoot amazing cinematic scenes in Arma Reforger with Ceb Cin. He has put together an easy-to-follow, multiple-part Cinematic Tutorial for beginners. Watch and share with us some of your excellent creations. Maybe you too could be highlighted in a future Community Rader.

We've seen a huge number of players dive deep into the publicly available mods on our Workshop, both for Xbox and Steam. Watch this epic video montage by HELICOOPER FILMS showcasing some incredible experiences you can get from vanilla and modded content in Reforger.

Organized milsim operations have never been better. If you've never experienced a large group of cooperative players coming together to complete an objective, join Pershing in his recent video as he leads his fireteam to assault an airfield.

We know that many of our players come from both Xbox and Steam, and we're happy to see the variety of ways players choose to experience our games. Whether it's a full milsim experience to something completely information, but sometimes you don't know until you try. Follow OperatorDrewski as he joins the ranks of a Reforger unit to see what it's like in this distinctive video experience.


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If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or our forums.

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