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Community Radar #4

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another great month of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


Starting with this fairly humorous image by Ghostovich, three US soldiers attempt to get their bearings on the open road. I'm sure many players have had similar experiences using the tools to find their location on the island. But don't worry about getting lost here, we'll easily be able to navigate you through this COMRAD.

Three US soldiers attempt to get their bearings on the open road.

As many already know, Everon is a highly detailed and gorgeous landscape that players can explore. From sunrise to sunset, rain or shine, we never get tired of viewing the stunning environment that users capture on the island, like this set of splendid screenshots taken by Blink_FPS.

With the expansion to Xbox Series X|S, Reforger welcomes a large batch of excited new players into the Arma series. With the inclusion of crossplay, Xbox players can now enjoy modded content on servers right along with their PC counterparts. For example, this BRT-80A is being used to engage an enemy encampment, shared with us by Stef. We're happy to see console players enjoying community-made content and hope for more cross-platform battles in the future.

In the fog of war, combat can become a blur of chaos. In this photograph, Community Veteran Ceb Cin beautifully captures the moment between Soviet soldiers during an abrupt ambush. A wonderful display of the Enfusion engine's lighting and great depth of field.


There are all sorts of new community weapons being released on the Reforger Workshop and many more are in the works. Avery is testing and bringing more modern weaponry into Reforger's Cold War setting with their HK433. It's still a work in progress, but definitely showing promise. We can't wait to try it out!

We love seeing new faces running around in Reforger. Well... in this case, actual new faces. Modder Jove Chiere has released an addon that ports new textures to units in existing factions called ToH ReCharacters. It's still only in early beta so you can expect additional content in the future. However, this may add some variety to your character pool if you're looking for that.

Modded terrain production is still in full swing for many users as they continue to explore the Workbench tools and BIKI documentation. Chewie, a first-time modder for the Arma series, provides us some sneak peeks of his work-in-progress map made with Enfusion. It's encouraging to read about users who have never modded before getting into the engine and picking up the tools so quickly. We're definitely keeping an eye on this release and recommend others try out mod development while they wait.

Another fantastic example of a community-made terrain is Dune Island! Showcased in this cinematic flyby video, created by Graphicstodiefor, this small, but highly detailed island depicts many excellent features, types of terrain, and some truly epic mushrooms. You can download a work-in-progress version of this map on the Workshop right now and we can't wait to see what Tac-Ops Gaming plans to add next.


As stated before, with a new engine and development tools, comes new exciting possibilities for modders. We've been happy to see individuals and modding teams jumping over to Reforger to try out development on the Workbench or testing future projects. This includes longstanding modding teams such as Red Hammer Studios (RHS) who recently announced that they will be putting their efforts into Enfusion and the future of Arma. But this is a collaborative effort and they're looking for help with their endeavors.

If you're interested in working with a well-established team and have talents in mod development, definitely contact the group over on the BI Forums. The forums are also a great place to connect with other modders to come up with ideas, share knowledge, or be part of the next big project.

For our Xbox players, we have another wonderful place for you to connect with other players on our official Arma Reforger Xbox Club. Here you can get information about our latest updates, future plans, and more. You can find additional details on joining here.

There are lots of groups looking for new players to join in for organized play sessions - like the 5th SFG, an Xbox milsim unit, focused on creating an authentic Cold War unit. You can find many more just like this one, or any playstyle that might interest you, on our Forums, Discord, and Steam Discussions.

For something a little different, Zisb, motivated by some boredom, used the tools to create a classic environment that many of you may recognize. Certainly a creative display of their knowledge of the modding tools. We'd be interested in seeing what other fun environments or modes they can come up with.


We've been watching a lot of video content of some amazing firefights and nail-biting scenarios. In this video, you can watch Operator De, who joins the 1st Marines Division, an Xbox milsim unit, battle it out across Everon through an intense night operation. Definitely give it a watch if you're interested in organized Reforger gameplay!

The Game Master game mode is a great tool for those who want to jump in and quickly set up their own scenarios on the fly, whether for themselves or with friends. Watch this video to see Mr_Centipede fight with Soviet forces to secure the town of Provins in the rain, made with Game Master.

If you don't have a group to play with, no worries. TheRedDread shows us in this exciting recording that it's very possible to rally a group together to take on a daring mission to assault a Soviet field camp. We strongly encourage teamwork to accomplish your goals and with some coordinated tactics you'll always come out on top on the battlefield.


If you're looking to watch a user play Arma Reforger on Xbox, check out GGSenshi over on their Twitch channel. They are frequently playing both vanilla and modded content, from Game Master to Conflict game modes, in a relaxing atmosphere to chat about a variety of topics.


Dev Blogs:

Modding Documentation:

Meet the Bohemians


If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or our forums.

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