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This time we are presenting the release of the crossplay feature, upcoming 0.9.6 update (with some added bonuses), and the new web Workshop! This machine never stops!


We are happy to announce, that after several weeks of development, we're finally delivering the crossplay feature! PC and Xbox players are hereby able to play together. This is especially good news for Xbox players who have wished to play on servers with mods. We've already prepared several official servers hosting the Game Master, Conflict, and Capture & Hold game modes where you can battle together immediately. Server admins are also allowed to create their own crossplay servers running either the vanilla content or with modded content, and we've updated our BIKI documentation to explain how to configure it. For players, simply check out the Multiplayer server browser, click on your filters, and enable crossplay to join in on the fun.

Some necessary quality-of-life improvements were also shipped this week. For example, now the game allows you to unbind the control keys. If you find a default binding for a particular action that you don't need, you may unbind it and your life in Everon becomes a bit easier.

Another two of the upgrades may save said life, now you don't need to manually assign the available bandages to the slot in a stressful situation. Available bandages get reequipped automatically to your slot bar. Also, Slot 4 now has the controller hint in order to let players know how to select grenades quickly.

In regards to the highly anticipated network optimizations, version brought multiple smaller traffic optimizations and important fixes for known cases of kicks from the game. Thanks to your highly appreciated feedback, our internal playtests, and improved diagnostics methods and tools we were able to locate these issues. We found and resolved several significant problems that happen when there are a lot of replicated items and the player's connection gets flooded by it.


As in every Dev Report, we aim to inform you also about what can you expect in the future and what is planned to be in development.

Coming soon, our first major update 0.9.6 is very close and we are focusing on delivering the best results we can. As one of our biggest updates yet, you can expect not only a larger number of fixes and stability improvements but also, as a small surprise, some of the features that were originally meant for the Ground Support milestone. We'd like to know how you feel about the new features before they become final.

Here is a little visual teaser of what is to come. A1

Additionally, in case you missed it, we've released our plans for the further future and you can learn about them in our Developmental Roadmap. These updates will guide us to our 1.0 release and we are working hard on the features we promised.

As a clarification, updates like the update we released this week are among the minor updates. These focus on bug fixes, stability, optimizations, and tweaks. The updating 0.9.6 version mentioned previously will include new features, and content belonging to the major updates, as well as fixes, tweaks, and minor optimizations. As for milestones updates, like the closest Ground Support listed in our Roadmap, they will include a set of related features and content which fulfill a certain topic or theme for players.

Now that the distinction is clear, we have two important announcements:

  • You can expect improvements related to weapon deployment, Game Master, and Conflict gameplay rules in the upcoming 0.9.6 major update.
  • The features released in Ground Support will be getting improvements with the other major and milestone updates in the future. The development of them won't stop after the first milestone.

Last, but definitely not least, we have added the in-game Workshop to our website! This is only the first version and we will keep working on improving it. For now, you can now browse mods whenever you like and share with your friends, without having to start the game.


Now to our great community that is consistently creating amazing things. We managed to select some of the outstanding content out there to highlight in our latest Community Radar. Check COMRAD #2 to see what players are making for the community.

Additionally, the Director of the Arma Reforger launch trailer, Vladimír Jaške, made a highly recommended Cinematic and VFX Tutorial for all of you interested in making cinematics, community videos, screenshots, or just learning about the fascinating field of game development and the Enfusion engine.

You might have noticed, but we've begun to name our updates to reflect the numerical build versions. The reason for this is a clearer distinction when specifying updates and when dealing with two platforms. Thanks for understanding!

And, as always, we are grateful for your feedback, your contribution is immeasurable.

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