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Community Radar #2

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase another batch of incredible community content that was shared over the past month. Let's jump straight into it!


To begin our day, we have this stunning morning image of the Everon coast to greet us. We can enjoy this calming early fog thanks to thebuckfastwine. Great use of lighting in the environment!

On the road to Arma 4, we expected to see some beautifully, realistic screenshots, but we were even surprised by this sunrise shot of a calming road. Matthias Fleischer  really brought this image to life using the new Armavision tools.

While he certainly goes by No Name, he'll be making a name for himself in no time with their incredible images shared over on the Arma Reforger Steam Artwork page. This fantastic picture features a U.S. Army convoy ready to disembark on another mission, under another evening of heavy, island rains.

U.S. Army convoy ready to disembark on another mission, under another evening of heavy, island rains.

Sometimes the best strategy requires a little patience. In this image, shared with us on Steam by Goetsch.GU, U.S. Army soldiers prepare to spring an ambush on an unsuspecting, passing Soviet patrol.

U.S. Army soldiers prepare to spring an ambush on an unsuspecting, passing Soviet patrol.


Our community works fast. Especially when it comes to mod development and the new tools for the Enfusion engine. In almost no time at all, the Project Redline team has brought forth the first helicopter for Arma Reforger - the MH-60 Blackhawk. While still a work in progress, this aircraft can be functionally flown and found on the in-game Workshop. They've even put together a small showcase video for you to enjoy here!

Since our last Community Radar, we've seen a lot of production of unique, modded terrains and islands using the new World Editor tools. OfficialMikeJ is one of those who have put together a small little getaway of their own called "John's Island." We love seeing players' creative styles come to life and while this terrain isn't released, we look forward to seeing future updates and projects of theirs.

Looking for another way to explore and admire the rolling landscapes of Everon? Try a caravan! Camp out with the "KIOK Civil Cars" mod, published by KIOK himself. You can currently enjoy your new wheels in red or purple colors on the Workshop!

Scripting certainly isn't what it used to be from previous Arma titles and we know many are still trying to navigate the toolset. Fortunately, community members are helping out players by creating in-depth tutorials on different topics, such as Rabid Squirrel demonstrating how to spawn AI via scripting in this video. Check out their channel on YouTube for more scripting tutorials.


Since the launch of the game, we've seen many Arma communities come together for organized operations using game modes like Game Master. Such as 6THVFW, who enjoyed an evening inserting onto Everon to clear an FIA base. We can't wait to see more screenshots like these of groups fighting in the field.

If you're looking for a little more explosive fun, those digging into the code of Reforger, like HamsterCute, have uncovered a disabled feature of our furniture destruction system. While this hasn't yet been officially enabled, you can download a community mod on the Workshop to smash up some interiors.

Recently, over at Gamology, experts reacted with their assessment of Arma Reforger's features and gameplay. See what they had to say in this video, featuring gameplay footage from Regiment members Karmakut and OperatorDrewski, over on their YouTube channel.

If you've wanted to learn how to take glorious images from Reforger, now's your chance. Learn Armavision, a tool that's more than just a photo mode, from our very own Lead Design Karel Mořický. In this Twitter thread, Karel gives you all the tips, tricks, and controls to start you out on creating some amazing images of your own. You can also read the in-game Field Manual for more details.


In this video, Regiment member Viper1Zero discusses the future of Reforger on its road to Arma 4. There is a lot to unpack and think about as we move ahead on this journey together. Come listen to his thoughts on what he hopes Arma 4 will be over on his YouTube channel.

Arma Reforger certainly has some major improvements from its predecessor, Arma 3, thanks in large part to the new Enfusion engine. And no one has put together a more comprehensive list of many of these improvements better than Community veteran CallMehTOMMEH. In collaboration with our developers, he has managed to put together 20 improvements over Arma 3, that you might have missed, in his latest video. You can see more of his Arma content on his YouTube channel, including another 20 improvements made in his previous video.

The island of Everon is nothing if not beautiful. Once again, Regiment member, Ceb Cin has put together a splendid cinematic showcase to spotlight the highs and lows of picturesque areas of the isle. It's a recommended watch on his Youtube channel.

Join PhanPhantasy as he and a team of FIA soldiers conduct a search and destroy mission to hunt down a BTR convoy, somewhere in the hills of Everon. Check out their YouTube to view this action-packed video!


Whether it's Arma Reforger or Arma 3, you can find this french Canadian and Twitch Affiliate, Maddog088, streaming over on Twitch. Join him as he plays a variety of milsim operations or other various tactical games.

Jump straight into the action with thatdoodski, as he teams up with Task Force Hammerhead, in his regular live-streamed operations. You can find him on both Twitch and YouTube fighting it out on the battlefield.


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If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or our forums.

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