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Welcome to our sixth Dev Report!

In the last issue, we informed you about having to delay last week´s update to this week. All should now be in place as the update went public on June 29th. You can see what was changed and fixed in the Intelligence section below. Thank you for sticking with us through the growing pains of Early Access; we value your essential feedback and all of the community content you are producing!


This delayed update brought a number of fixes and tweaks. Regarding multiplayer, we corrected network replication of vehicles during movement which was causing them to jump forward and back, as well as generate broken dust and exhaust effects. AI should be behaving better due to fixes too. There will be no more failing to open doors when too close or seeing players through smoke on Dedicated servers. Those using Workbench might be happy to hear that we added a texture compression configuration for UI textures without compression and road dielectric reflectance to satmaps.

You can read a more detailed changelog for this week's game update on our webpage.


First, we want to acknowledge issues we are approaching with the utmost attention and care. We are first and foremost working on network traffic and connection stability - we added more logging, which should help us find the remaining issues. In the last game update, we delivered a number of optimizations and fixes towards these connection issues. This is still our main focus and we are looking forward to any feedback you provide in regards to network and connection problems, as every report the community provides helps us with identifying and fixing them.

Overall, we want you to know we are meticulously processing all of your feedback. Approximately half of what has been reported to us has been resolved. Unfortunately, some of your suggestions are not going to be realized in Arma Reforger as they are out of the game's scope, but we will be considering them for Arma 4.

In regards to 32 players servers for the Xbox version of the game, we have been conducting internal tests and also ran limited public tests. Few servers with 32 limit were used to capacity by the community, but from the feedback and data we gathered, we decided to run a few of those server instances per region.

Continuing with short term tasks we are working on, we are fixing the collision of the task list and the map controls. Detection of blocking objects when building compositions in Conflict is being improved, as well as Navmesh modding.

Some other tasks worth mentioning:

  • Mod deletion support.
  • More visual improvements of the Voice over Network (VON) UI, which will be more compact and have better icons.

For long term tasks, we are improving ragdoll and death animations, expanding functionality of weapon inspection, and merging attachment compatibility mod into vanilla data. Don’t expect these in the next update, but further down the line.


We released our first Arma Reforger Community Radar, or COMRAD for short. Check it out and see a curated selection of the amazing content that has been pouring out of the community since Reforger's early access launch.

We salute you, Arma community!

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