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Community Radar #1

Welcome to the very first Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're here to showcase incredible community content shared over the last couple of months since its debut launch. The community has worked incredibly fast to share its talents with us and we wish to highlight just a small portion for you to see.


In the world of Arma Reforger, it's hard not to notice the beautiful details and stunning lighting as you stroll across the landscape. Here we see an incredible example of the gorgeous sun on the coast of Everon, positioned next to one of the many lighthouses across the map. Thank you to ThisIsTotallySol  for sharing this great screenshot and we look forward to more bright views.

Of course, you need those lighthouses to help guide ships among the fog. Already putting Reforger's built-in Workshop to use, Torbis takes some excellent images featuring the HMAS Vampire II, created by TheSpaceStrider, anchored off the shore in the early morning haze. Another great series highlighting the outstanding lighting the game has to offer.

Lost at night? Just like the previous title of Arma 3, with the proper knowledge a player can navigate their way using the stars based on real-life astronavigation. Savyy shows us this detailed capture of Orion's Belt and its subtle details in the game's beautiful nighttime sky. Next time you're out under the stars, take a moment to appreciate the expanse above.

Here we're shown a stark comparison of both U.S. Army and Soviet soldiers standing by for action in these photos taken by grk. A fantastic side-by-side to showcase the differences of forces before they face off in the landscape of Everon.


From the launch of Reforger, many have dug straight into the newly available modding tools of the Workbench. Members of the community have already begun to help educate fellow players on these tools, such as SepticFalcon who created a basic guide to world building and terrain creation. While there is certainly a bit of a learning curve, we know that documentation and shared knowledge of these tools expand every day. If you're looking to create your own terrain for the first time, then we highly recommend giving this video a watch to learn the basics.

On the subject of guides, UselessFodder has put together a thorough, step-by-step video on the basics of custom mission making using the new Workbench tools. A recommended watch and comprehensive introduction for mission makers looking to develop their own unique scenarios or Game Master experiences.

Do you hear that? Probably not. Thanks to the efforts of Greg, players can move around a little quieter with the use of a working suppressor in Reforger. This attachment is already available as part of another great creation of his, just search the name "HK416" on the in-game Workshop.

Get ready to start your engines! Arma Discord community member Bacon has published a collection of racing assets that can be used to make your very own circuit! It comes with barriers, decals, curbs, and more. Simply search the in-game Workshop for "Bacon Racing Assets" to check out the small Game Master demo and start practicing your racing drifts.

Become an archeologist and find interesting pieces.Become an archeologist and find interesting pieces.


If you're looking for a place to share and discuss all sorts of information regarding Reforger in the community, we're happy to invite you to a familiar community watering hole - the Arma Refoger Community Forums. As with all sites you are all actively discussing the game, our team and developers will do our best to read through your discussions, reports, and suggestions. Even if you may not always get a direct answer, please know that we have plenty of devs lurking and absorbing everything. We encourage all players to jump in on the conversation.

For something a little different, we recently announced a project by our Amsterdam studio called Hexcavate. This archaeology Minesweeper-like game is a free mod available currently to all users on the game's Workshop, both on PC and Xbox! This addition was to demonstrate how far beyond the original vision of Reforger you can take the Enfusion engine and its Workbench tool suite. You can read up all about it on our website here and we definitely suggest giving it a try.


Arma Reforger is certainly a stepping stone to Arma 4, but who better to explain that than longstanding, community veteran Dslyecxi, who in this video excellently breaks down the expectations of what Reforger is, what it isn't, and what you can expect from the game. If you want to understand the purpose of Reforger and watch a cinematic showcase of the game's features, then definitely give this a watch over on his YouTube channel.

While there are certainly large differences, Reforger adds numerous improved features over its predecessors on the new Enfusion engine. Regiment member Viper1Zero helps to explain some of the background and showcase available components to the game in this comprehensive video. Take a look at his YouTube channel for all sorts of high-quality Arma content.

Jump right into the action and join well-known community member Ceb Cin as he fights alongside other members of the Reforger Regiment in a series of action-packed gameplay footage. You can view it over on his YouTube channel to see more of what the game has to offer from organized operations.

Thanks to Creatical for sharing a little Retrospective Comparison in one of their recent videos. Compare nearly perfect side-by-side cuts of the series from Arma: Cold War Assault to the present day of Arma Reforger. Hopefully, watching this video brings back the same nostalgia that we felt for many other veteran players.


For those interested in the Reforger Workbench, join TheAussieMerc as they work on various personal modding projects, such as making a M4A1 Block II, over on Twitch. Learn a thing or two about the modding process and discuss it with them live.

Whether you have a taste for gameplay action or the occasional curiosity about terrain development, you can join Chewie on stream for some friendly, laid-back Arma fun. He plays and streams frequently throughout the week. You don't want to miss out.

Intense firefights, raiding objectives, and cooperative gameplay with the community. These are just some of the items you can expect from watching Beeb1up play Reforger over on her Twitch streams. Join them live and watch as shenanigans ensue.



If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or on our forums.

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