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In this fourth Arma Reforger Dev Report, we will address the latest changes - both major and minor ones - from this week's game updates on both PC and Xbox platforms. We will also share some more short and long-term plans for the game, and will also outline for you some known issues.


First, we would like to present to you the most important fixes from this update.

We have optimized network traffic for characters and vehicles, so if you've experienced kicks caused by flooding network messages, this should be of help. Furthermore, connections in Multiplayer should now be more stable as we fixed some edgecases related to authentication.

We also have some good news for terrain modders! We hope they will have a better time modding since we made a big pass on issues related to terrains in World Editor, and a number of fixes for road generation. Also, Everon has been through a big makeover; floating objects, broken doors in one bunker and lots of other issues were fixed in this latest update.

As was promised in the last Dev Report, Voice Over Network (VON) was greatly improved in multiple ways:

  • The direct speech from non-friendly characters no longer clutters the display.
  • Enemy nicknames are no longer displayed in radio transmissions.
  • The voice loopback issue was hotfixed - the speaker won't hear them self over the secondary radios anymore if they speaks on the platoon channel.

Last but not least for the important updates, you can now bind your mouse buttons!

As for the minor updates, drivers will be pleased to hear that we improved BTR-70 and Ural gear shifting. This should lead to better vehicle performance and therefore a more enjoyable ride. Speaking of more pleasant activities, we fixed ladder usage in churches, so gaining sniper/scout positions in bigger towns should now be easier!

If your modding has been hindered by a weaker GPU, you might like to hear that with -EnableWARP CLI parameter, Workbench should work for you too.

We listened to your feedback about some weapons feeling too slow, so we have made the Aim Down Sights (ADS) speed quicker for most of the weapons. Please let us know if the speed changes are too fast!

Other noteworthy minor updates:

  • The throwing speed of all grenades was decreased.
  • Remnants randomization in Conflict game mode - they should be a little less predictable now.
  • We removed the unused red markers on the map when playing Conflict in solo mode.
  • The G key for dropping items is not clashing with the VON menu anymore. Dropping of items was moved to X key.


There are still a number of other fixes and updates we are hard at work on. First, let's show you the ones that should be delivered in the next update.

We are going to temporarily lower the number of the official servers for the PC platform, since PC players are mostly playing on community run ones.

Regarding Xbox players, we will have servers for 32 players – this is where we will definitely need your critical feedback, soldiers!

We also will increase the fragmentation damage of the explosives and remove compression from cursor textures, as it causes them to at times not appear or work properly.

More short-term tasks include:

  • Stopping weapon/item preview images from being cropped when using drag'n'drop in the inventory.
  • Improving the popup notification layout - size, color, transparency, and frequency in Conflict.
  • Improving the building of compositions - stop them from being blocked by AIs.

Let’s now take a peek at our long-term plans for Arma Reforger that won’t appear in the next update.

One of the issues that is taking a lot of our attention is the task system. We are improving the architecture to support modding more since now it's difficult for modders to create a new task type without modifying the task manager.

We also plan to add support for multiple save slots for solo play in game modes that support them, such as Game Master and Conflict, as we are looking for a way to let players preserve their creations and return to them later. This is a feature we had already wanted in Arma 3 Zeus.

Another thing we are working on is transparent and adaptive UI brightness that is controlled by scene brightness.

We are also making steps towards allowing people to host their own modded community dedicated servers for the Xbox platform.


You might have read about executed fixes in this week's update. We want to address two items from the changelog that are unfortunately not completely fixed. First is the fact that the reshuffling of inventory bug is still in the game, and we are working on a fix. The second is the update status of mods in Workshop should work better, but there is still use case when it does not show up, and we will investigate this problem further.

Among other known issues is also the Save & Load feature for solo play of game modes not working properly in a certain situations. We are also aware that vehicles interpolation in multiplayer games is now broken. You may notice vehicles jumping/jerking when observing them from non-driver perspective, and also excessive dust effects, sounds, and passenger animations, such as g-force reactions. This is a regression caused by some of our recent changes in previous updates, and we will fix it as soon as possible.

Be assured, soldiers - we are listening to you and are infinitely thankful for your feedback and support!

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