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New Updates for Steam and Xbox #5

Attention soldiers,

Another update for the Steam and Xbox versions of the game is incoming.

The Steam version will be updated on Wednesday, 15th of June. Some of the official servers will be unavailable between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

The Xbox version will be updated on Thursday, 16th of June. Some of the official Xbox servers will be unavailable between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger changelog:


  • Fixed: Finalizing connections while they are being established could crash the game
  • Fixed: Dedicated Server shutdown issue
  • Tweaked: Network traffic optimization (characters and vehicles use half of the previous version's traffic on average)


  • Fixed: Binding of mouse buttons
  • Fixed: TagMainIdle was missing from IdleTurnMaster, possibly causing excessive idle-to-move transitions and crashes
  • Fixed: Potential crash in AI movement
  • Fixed: Map contours were not always aligned with other map data properly
  • Fixed: An unused map descriptor in small Conflict scenarios would be visible
  • Fixed: Ladder position on church prefabs
  • Fixed: Incorrect colliders on certain walls
  • Fixed: A hidden dialog on top of the main menu that would prevent interacting with it
  • Fixed: RegisterRemnantsPresence access out of bounds
  • Fixed: Vehicle and turret inventory slots can no longer be drag-and-dropped
  • Fixed: Damage state event for vehicles
  • Fixed: Enemy direct speech UI is not visible anymore
  • Fixed: Searching for scenario-specific servers did not work
  • Fixed: Server Browser would get stuck on the addon downloading screen if a multiplayer session required a newer version of the addon
  • Fixed: Server Browser cache may have become corrupted in some cases
  • Fixed: Default character animation state is always a bit different now, so characters do not look like clones after spawning
  • Fixed: Animations could crash the game in rare situations
  • Fixed: Environment feedback was processed and a pass of fixes was applied to Everon
  • Fixed: Randomization of base callsigns
  • Fixed: Completing the Tutorial communication stage with an invalid condition
  • Fixed: Calling Identity.GetFullName() could crash the game
  • Fixed: Mod version checking would not work correctly
  • Fixed: Mods did not show 'update available' until a user requested data explicitly
  • Fixed: Scrolling in the Workshop while loading addons could lead to a game crash
  • Fixed: Multiple crashes in Workshop
  • Fixed: Workshop could get stuck if you opened and closed it in quick succession
  • Fixed: Incorrect links to the Reforger Wiki in the main menu
  • Tweaked: BTR-70 and Ural gear shifting
  • Tweaked: Lowered throwing speeds of all grenades
  • Tweaked: Lowered ADS toggling time on all weapons
  • Tweaked: Minor memory allocation optimization for AI perception
  • Tweaked: Receiving on a second radio while transmitting on platoon channel
  • Changed: Remnants randomization in Conflict (should be a little less predictable now)
  • Changed: Keybind to drop an item from the inventory changed to the X-key
  • Added: Wreck models for various vehicles
  • Added: Static models of various vehicle wrecks used on the map
  • Removed: Radio menu hint removed from VonDisplay


  • Fixed: Access tokens would not refresh properly, possibly leading to failure of communication with the backend
  • Fixed: Workbench would get switched to Edit Mode in case of failure of communication with the backend


  • Fixed: Script compiler issues
  • Fixed: Unknown classes at the end of a parent scope are now correctly skipped when reading containers


  • Fixed: Multiple crashes related to terrain and roads
  • Fixed: Terrain tool would stay available even after deleting the terrain
  • Fixed: Road/flatter layer would remain even after deleting the terrain
  • Fixed: Missing the road/flatter heightmap layer in some cases
  • Fixed: Roads were not always updated when sculpting terrain after its deletion/creation or undo/redo operations
  • Fixed: Incorrect list of surface materials in some cases
  • Fixed: Terrain deletion undo could corrupt memory with invalid terrain edit info
  • Fixed: Terrain entity renaming after undo/redo could cause loading of the terrain again
  • Fixed: Crash after disabling a hidden entity
  • Fixed: Crash after resetting a widget slot
  • Fixed: Crash when deleting a point in the spline tool
  • Fixed: Overriding layouts in addons would result in duplicated widgets
  • Changed: Terrain tool's maximum sculpt strength changed to 5000
  • Changed: Layout Editor can use prefabs from packed data now
  • Added: WAV file overriding in mods
  • Added: Starting Workbench with -EnableWARP CLI makes it possible to run even without a D3D12-capable GPU
  • Removed: Obsolete navmesh prefabs

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