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Welcome to our fifth Arma Reforger Dev Report!

First, we must inform you that we were unfortunately unable to deliver an update to the game to you this week. We found an issue that could in some instances cause crashes of the game, so we decided to postpone the update to next week. However, this means you will get more fixes in the next patch along with the ones that were intended for this week. We thank you for patience!


This week we released a minor update of the Arma Reforger Server Steam App launch options. Previously, you had two “Play Dedicated Server” options that had now been removed. They were replaced by a single “Server Hosting Docs” launch option that will open server hosting documentation and examples, available at this web page here.

We also removed some unused official servers and some scenarios as it won't be feasible to support them all with lower server numbers.


Let's start with updates that will most likely be delivered in the next patch:

We fixed regression caused by network optimization, which caused vehicles to at times move in a jarring way, seemingly without interpolation.

We are still working on optimizing network traffic and fixing remaining network issues. Some of these problems remain elusive, so part of the work is about improving logs and diagnostic tools. Updates to logs are likely in the next update, while traffic optimizations however are a long term issue that will take more time.

  • We are adding a way for Game Master to clear all destroyed entities. Such function was available through a community mod, which we have used as inspiration. We recognize that it's useful tool to have as part of the game, and we thank you for showing us this.

Other noteworthy updates for next week:

  • Spacing of waypoints when ordering multiple AI groups in Game Master. That should help a bit with AI bunching together on the way to or on the destination point itself.
  • Notifications in Conflict are going to be less frequent and they will take less space. The transparency will also be adjusted to fit darker scenes.
  • Fragmentation damage of explosives will be increased.

Finally, here are some long term tasks that will be included in future updates:

We recognize that generating navmesh for your large coop scenarios can be a pain, to save both your time and our disk space - we are working on new methods to modify the navmesh for your scenarios. There will be the ability to save only modified data for your objectives area. The rest of the navmesh would be loaded from vanilla data. This method should also work with multiple combined mods.

Last week, we informed you about working on transparent and adaptive UI brightness controlled by the scene brightness. We are on the right track and hopefully will be able to deliver a solution next week.

We also talked about updating the task system so modders can more easily create a new task without having to modify the task manager. We have made progress, and the new system is already working in single-player. Internally, were going to convert the actual tasks to fit the new architecture and adjust their multiplayer behaviour.

Adding support for multiple save slots, and community dedicated servers for Xbox are also planned for future updates.


Our Community Wiki is a massive archive of useful information for you as a player, server host, and as a mod developer. We are constantly adding more documentation, and you can browse latest documents here.

For those of you who are soldiering on Xbox, we are testing 32 player Xbox servers internally, and depending on the results, we will enable them for public, but in a limited amount at first.

Please note that we monitor your feedback daily and thank you for your ongoing help and support! If you have any feedback to submit, you can do so here.

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