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Welcome to the first Arma Reforger Dev Report – an ongoing series to inform the community of our team’s recent operations and developments, as well as ongoing efforts to continually improve the game in the future.

Arma Reforger has launched into Early Access and is now available on Steam and Xbox Game Preview, our first game in the Arma series to be made available on console for nearly 17 years! Our team is already actively monitoring all feedback coming in from the community and has begun prioritizing and working on update deployment for all platforms.


We’ve have loved seeing so much interest from players getting back into the series (or being introduced to it for the first time) with our first release on our new engine, Enfusion. Though, there were unfortunate issues that we have already begun to address. Many of these problems were communicated in our Known Issues Dev Blog, along with some useful workarounds. We’ve dealt with a large number of critical issues already in our first Steam update and a subsequent Xbox update; however, there is still much work to be done.


One of our biggest focuses at the moment is working to resolve any remaining critical or blocking performance issues for players. In particular we’re working to solve the reoccurring disconnection issues, random players being kicked with session errors, and other various server and client crashes.

Of course there are plenty of other fixes and changes you can expect in the near future, such as:

  • Fixing render glitches when using scopes;

  • Workshop administration features; and much more…

For our gamepad users, we will be adding options to change gamepad y-axis orientation and several other control improvements.


Many of you have inquired about our official Bohemia Interactive Forums pages for Reforger. Rest assured, they will be live very soon for players to share and communicate knowledge regarding the game.

For something a bit different, we plan to release a new official example mod soon to the public Workshop called “Hexcavate.” Some will have spotted this Workshop item already during our announcement livestream. It is the result of a short in-house game jam from some time ago. This might be particularly interesting to players and content developers alike, as it may offer another example of how far you can push Reforger modding.

We have a long journey ahead of us, but we want to thank all of you for your continued support. All players’ feedback is especially welcome in the Feedback Tracker.

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