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May 19th 2022 Update

We are going to update the Xbox version of Arma Reforger today. There will be downtime of the servers between 13:00 - 16:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger Xbox changelog:

  • Fixed: The respawn menu could cause several characters to be spawned

  • Fixed: Camera collision in 3rd person view

  • Fixed: Kicking players out of a session when replication restreams static items in a streamable hierarchy

  • Fixed: Crash during replication caused by items inserted during loading

  • Fixed: Some AI pathfinding issues in the Game Master scenario

  • Fixed: Script compiler causing a vector out of index crash

  • Fixed: Texture memory leak and possible crash when deallocating

Later today we will also update the Steam version of the game. The downtime of these servers will be between 16:00 - 19:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger Steam changelog:

  • Fixed: Connection issue related to initial backend packets

  • Fixed: Crash when backpacks are stored inside each other

  • Fixed: Character stuck in a falling animation

  • Fixed: Multiplayer kicks caused by streaming of certain nodes

  • Fixed: Loading/saving settings

  • Fixed: Services for addon publishing linked to Workbench

  • Fixed: Alpha blending on the M923A1 truck and several other asset materials

  • Fixed: Server browser - items were hidden, filtered

  • Fixed: Respawn selection menu

  • Fixed: Fire mode not being animated on certain weapons

  • Tweaked: Main menu music

  • Tweaked: Bohemia account processing on different platforms

  • Tweaked: License and readme files

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