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Known Issues 0.9.5

This list is a sampling of Arma Reforger's most obvious known issues, as well as several workarounds. Also visit our Feedback Tracker for other reported issues.


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  • When you customize your settings and leave the "Settings" menu, some of the settings are not properly saved and instead reset to their defaults.

  • If you cannot see any servers in the "Multiplayer" browser, wait for a minute and "Refresh" the browser. Or try going back to the main menu and then back to the "Multiplayer" browser. If servers still do not appear, restart the game.

  • If you cannot find a specific server in the "Multiplayer" browser when accessing it from the "Play", "Game Master" or "Scenarios" menus, then access the "Multiplayer" browser directly from the main menu.

  • (Xbox) If you only see servers of one specific type (Conflict or Capture & Hold), but no other modes, select the "Scenario" column in the top bar (to the left of the "Search" field) to switch to the other server types.

  • Sometimes when you try to connect to a server with required mods, the game will automatically try to download necessary updates for such mods. This process may get stuck at 0%. If this happens, first try to manually update the mod(s) in the "Workshop" menu. If that is not possible, restart the game. If that also does not help, go to the "Workshop", delete the older version of the mod and download the proper version. Then try to connect to the server again.

  • Sometimes when you report a mod in the "Workshop", another one gets removed from your local Workshop catalogue.

  • The game client sometimes crashes when connecting to a server.

  • The game client's performance sometimes drops below 10 FPS and remains there. Restarting the game should solve this.

  • When you keep getting deployed at a spawn point that you did not select, try selecting the desired spawn point by clicking on it on the map.

  • When you get kicked from a server, try to connect to a server with a lower ping or with a smaller population.

  • When you deploy into a multiplayer session and you cannot interact with anything or anyone, try disconnecting from the server and reconnecting again. There is a possibility the issue will persist regardless.

  • When you are in a multiplayer session and you can move normally but other clients either see you as stuck or cannot see you at all, then open the interrupt menu and "Respawn".

  • When you play the "Tutorial" and you are not able to figure out how to perform certain actions due to incorrect or missing hints, open the "Settings" in interrupt menu. Under the "Controls" tab, check how to do the specific action you want to perform. You can also inspect the "Field Manual" for helpful information.

  • Respawning in singleplayer may also spawn many AI characters at the spawn point.

  • (Xbox) If you join a Dedicated Server A running Capture & Hold, and from this server you join Dedicated Server B running Conflict or Game Master, and finally you disconnect from the server B to the main menu, you will then be unable to navigate in the main menu (lost focus) until you restart the game.

  • Other players' characters and vehicles in a multiplayer session may appear laggy and will be very hard to hit because of that. This is caused by network issues, usually on the server side.

  • When you are playing in a multiplayer session and the server crashes, you may lose your progress after a restart of the server.

  • When a Game Master session is finished, the server may not restart. A regular restart of the servers is planned.

  • Some actions are done twice upon a single input. For example, the inventory opens and immediately closes again even though you may have only pressed Tab once. This is likely caused by custom key bindings. Revert back to the default key bindings to solve this issue.

  • AI characters may see their enemies through some obstacles where they should not.

  • When you are looking at some roads, then open the inventory and close it again, you may see visual artifacts on the ground.

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