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In the third Dev Report, we again aim to inform you about the past and upcoming changes in Arma Reforger's development.


Vehicle driving should run more smoothly with an added fix that corrects vehicles moving forward and possibly even flying when a driver disconnects. Another important fixed issue regarding driving is that you can now use quick slots from the passenger position. That means you can finally use the map while not driving and help the driver navigate.

When wounded and in need of bandages, you can now find them in HQ tents and help yourself or your fellow soldiers. You will also find that your weapons will not stop bullets anymore. Items in arsenal should have also stopped reshuffling when you pick them up!

Other noteworthy changes:

  • You can use # character in server names again.
  • A sandbox solution for spawn protection was added.
  • Various saving and loading issues were fixed.

Many of these fixes are recorded in the minor update changelog from last week. We are gathering and processing your feedback and we thank you for your valuable input.


We are still working on network instability issues causing kicks. Thank you for your patience. In the update, there is a fix for the authentication stage that should help with connecting to servers, especially those that are almost full. We also added more logging, so further diagnosis of network issues should be easier for us.

We also have identified a couple of traffic optimizations, which are being worked on now and should be available in upcoming updates. We are very thankful to you, the Arma community. You are actively helping us to find these complex issues. If you are hosting Dedicated Servers for Arma Reforger, make sure to join our official Discord and share your experiences there.

Issues with terrain making in Workbench are mostly fixed internally; they should be available in a next update. You will also notice that in Conflict, there will be less UI task notifications, shorter voice messages, plus smaller and more transparent UI.

There are also a few Voice over Network (VoN) updates to be found in the next build. They should make your experience with radios better. Direct speech from hostile characters will not clutter the screen anymore, enemy nicknames will not be displayed in the radio transmissions, and speakers will not hear themselves over the secondary radios when speaking on the platoon channel. You can also disable VoN notifications on servers.

Further highlighted changes:

  • We will add transparent and adaptive UI brightness (controlled by the scene brightness).
  • In the task system, we are improving the architecture to support modding more.
  • We are improving the building of compositions - not being blocked by AI characters anymore.


On Monday, we had an unfortunate 7 hours long downtime of our official servers. We managed to restore them and we have also found the cause. We are working on a fix. Network-related issues caused the servers to hang, and they had to be restarted manually. We are sorry for the inconvenience. This kind of situation is exactly why we've released into Early Access first. We thank you tremendously for your patience. The issues will be solved during the coming weeks, so that servers which are disconnected from our online services should gracefully shut down.

We are also aware of the issue with randomized objective names. We added the randomization of base code names, but during later testing, we found out a problem with synchronization over the clients leading to different code names on each client. We are working on it!

Last week, we've released an example mod: Hexcavate. We hope you had some fun with it and were inspired to create your own mini-games!

We are saying it again and again, but it needs to be said: thank you for your support and feedback, always! We are on the road to Arma 4 together.

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