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Welcome to the second Dev Report, in which we'll inform you about our most recently conducted development ops for Arma Reforger. You'll also find various highlights of upcoming changes / updates which are currently in development or will be in the near future.


We are well aware of the issues in multiplayer, and these have our utmost priority to resolve. We've already applied multiple network-related fixes and improvements in the recent updates on both platforms. Our main focus here is to improve network traffic and fix desynchronizations during gameplay, since those are the primary cause for the disconnections you may have experienced. Our secondary objective is to improve connectivity to servers and the usage of mods.

Various other noteworthy changes are:

  • Fixes to rendering artifacts while using Picture-in-Picture weapons scopes or the inventory menu (these should also fix some flashing textures, bright artifacts, and very dark building interiors)
  • Added inverted control options on gamepads and fixed audio issues on Xbox
  • Improved cancelling of binding input actions on PC

Many of these fixes were also communicated in the minor update changelog on the 1st of June, whereas others will arrive in upcoming updates. We've also spent significant time on processing your valuable feedback from many channels, and we've generated a plan with improvements to be made in more updates. One example is a fix for a very annoying bug which causes items to be reordered in containers as you try picking them up. Op preparation should become smoother with that in place.

We'd also like to thank server admins for helping us with diagnosing issues. This has for example led to one fix related to player counts on servers. That too should help with some of the connectivity issues, especially on higher cap servers.


We're of course continuing our investigations of multiplayer issues in the public version of the game. Thanks to your ongoing reports, we've already identified various new bugs to target next. Our primary focus is still on the stability of multiplayer sessions, for both players and servers.

Some other things on our hit list:

  • Fixing the saving upon exiting and the continue-feature
  • Fixing enemy nicknames being visible in direct speech communications
  • Fixing the incorrect first-person camera position on AI characters
  • Adding better spawn protection for Conflict and other game modes


We've received a lot of questions on when we'll restore Xbox servers to their higher player limits. We'll be increasing those limits on the official servers as soon as we solve the most pressing networking issues. We want to avoid causing more issues at the same time as trying to identify, reproduce, and fix the current ones. Having said that, it's our intention to get more of your enjoying Conflict together on Xbox as well.

Another frequent request was to open forums sections for Arma Reforger. After removing some technical obstacles, we're happy to invite you back to this familiar community watering hole. As with the other places you are all actively discussing the game, we'll do our best to read through your discussions, reports, and suggestions. Even if you may not always get a direct answer, please know that we have plenty of devs lurking and absorbing everything.

Have you also kept track of the flow of modding documentation dropping on the official wiki? We know you are hungry for all the information you need to make your creations, and you've already arrived at some great crowd-sourced intel. Just keep in mind this is just the very beginning of this new era of Arma modding. Of course we'll continue to deploy more official documentation and improved existing pages.

Finally, you may recall us mentioning an upcoming new official example mod "Hexcavate"  in our last Dev Report. We plan to deploy it to the Workshop next week. Expect a tiny singleplayer game, built as mod to Arma Reforger, quite unlike the game itself. And please note that this effort has not taken away any core developers from fixing issues. We'll have more details in a little blog alongside the release.

As always, we thank you for all of your patience, support and feedback. This next generation of Arma has only just begun, and we're sure it's going to be a wonderful journey together!

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