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New Updates for Steam and Xbox #6

Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox versions of the game.

The Steam version will be updated on Wednesday, 29th of June. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

The Xbox version will be updated on Thursday, 30th of June. Some of the official Xbox servers will be unavailable between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger changelog:


  • Fixed: Network replication of vehicles during movement, causing vehicle to jump forward/back, broken dust and exhaust effects
  • Fixed: Removal of an entity from replication did not properly remove all of its associated bump tasks
  • Fixed: Issue with moving dead bodies corrupting the replication spatial map
  • Changed: DoorComponent streaming data optimization
  • Changed: Slightly optimized streaming of big amounts of network data when moving quickly through the world
  • Changed: Improved logging of replication issues


  • Fixed: AI failing to open doors when too close
  • Fixed: AI was able to see through smoke on Dedicated Servers
  • Fixed: Placing a waypoint or faction objective in the sky is no longer possible
  • Fixed: Hiding the interface in Armavision hid also player overlays, f.e. player tags or blurred faces
  • Fixed: Weapon item previews were cropped in the inventory when dragging
  • Fixed: Server list scrolling and displaying of proper data
  • Fixed: Mods should be now downloaded for hovered-over servers; this should prevent crashes from missing mods when joining
  • Fixed: Equipping sounds not playing
  • Fixed: Right feet had a misconfigured health hitzone damage multiplier
  • Fixed: Changing weapons and stance at the same time could get characters stuck without a weapon
  • Fixed: Workshop did not show that a mod update was available until the user opened mod details page of that mod
  • Fixed: Aiming ADS sensitivity multiplier set in the gameplay settings will not affect freelook anymore
  • Fixed: Bases randomization in Tutorial is now fixed, and there were minor changes / tweaks to controls
  • Fixed: Adding bleeding from the Game Master context menu sometimes did not add bleeding for no apparent reason
  • Fixed: Weapon inspection can no longer occur in vehicle compartments
  • Fixed: Xbox web browser opening
  • Fixed: InventoryItemComponent would trigger some events even while its entity was being deleted (fixes a crash involving flashlights on deleted characters)
  • Fixed: Possible crash in CanSwapItemStorages
  • Fixed: Occasional crash in the server browser after updating the list
  • Tweaked: Fragmentation damage increased
  • Tweaked: Pop-up notification layout: size, color, transparency, frequency
  • Tweaked: Moved a Conflict spawnpoint in Quarry; AI no longer spawn inside walls
  • Changed: Curves for flashlight visibility during daylight, as well as performance tweaks
  • Changed: Strapped flashlights now provide a more consistent angle of illumination when holding weapons
  • Changed: Enforced interrupted weapon switching while jumping
  • Changed: Creating a group of soldiers directly inside a vehicle is no longer possible
  • Added: Servers loading indication in the server browser
  • Added: 'Clear Destroyed Entities' - a toolbar action in Game Master that deletes all dead soldiers and destroyed vehicles with one click
  • Added: Spacing between waypoints placed by a Game Master for multiple AI groups at the same time
  • Removed: More redundant task notifications


  • Fixed: Procedural Animation Editor - Using a smoother node does not interrupt preview anymore, preview values on signal nodes are saved
  • Tweaked: Allowing to use sRGB color format for mouse cursors
  • Tweaked: Terrain satellite mask is now used for simulating road roughness
  • Added: Road dielectric reflectance to satmaps
  • Added: Prepared a texture compression configuration for UI textures without compression

API changes (for modders)

  • Fixed: BackendAPI.IsActive() and IsRunning() results were incorrect
  • Added: BackendAPI.GetCommTestStatus()
  • Added: GarbageManager::Flush script API
  • Changed: JsonApi improved logging

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