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As you will notice, we're releasing this Dev Report earlier than usual. This is due to a public holiday in the Czech Republic; we won't update the game this week. While our developers are resting, let's talk about our immediate and longer-term plans for future updates.


As heavily requested by console players, we increased the capacity on some of the Xbox servers to 32 players. We'll monitor these servers and your feedback before making further adjustments. If you encounter performance issues or more network issues, please let us know. Smaller servers are provided, so in the event of trouble, you have a tried and tested place to play. We hope you enjoy the bigger battles.


Let's start with improvements that we're planning to deliver soon.

We improved spawning on radio operators, hopefully eliminating situations when players would clip with each other and get blocked.

We changed the way blocking of new buildings is done in Conflict game mode. Now, when creating bunkers or other base compositions, AI won't be blocking the selected locations, they should move away from the area and allow construction to be finished.

We changed visual elements on the screen responsible for direct voice and radio communication. It has new icons, takes less space, and is more consistent with the rest of the HUD.

You can look forward to AI fixes. Constant rotation should be gone and investigation behaviors are slightly improved, eliminating rare cases when AI would get locked aiming at a wrong spot. AI groups no longer climb to the roof when the waypoint is inside an office building.

The first-person perspective camera during death will be more visually correct. There should be less jarring movement and clipping as we snapped the camera to the actual head of your character.

As always, we also have a range of long-term plans we're hoping to get out.

One of the recurring issues is the inability to distinguish planned server restarts from kicks caused by network issues. We're planning to add in-game information about regular server shutdowns, so they can't be mistaken for disconnections due to low network quality or unresponsive servers.

We're also designing a method to run servers with mission rotation. For server admins out there, that basically means providing multiple mission headers inside the server config. This feature will be connected with mission reloading and both should be available in the upcoming months.

We're still fighting with save and load issues. After delivering a few fixes in recent updates, we found out that the feature still isn't performing as it should. We identified the problems and will be delivering fixes in future updates.

Official servers with Capture & Hold scenarios will have third-person cameras disabled. We hope this change will make matches fairer and bring the PvP scene back into the game.


Soon after releasing, we discovered that spawning a lot of compositions in Game Master mode can crash the server during auto-save. As a workaround, we provided a small mod "DisableGMAutosave" which should be automatically downloaded when joining any official GM server. As far as we know, community GM servers should not be affected by this crash.

We'd like to remind you that using mods can lead to instability and game-breaking bugs. We're testing mods ourselves and giving feedback and supporting mod creators whenever possible. If you encounter issues, please always try to disable all mods and reproduce the issue in the vanilla game. You can then start enabling mods, one by one or in small groups. This way you can find out which addons are actually causing the issues and turn them off as a workaround. We also invite you to join the official Arma Discord server where most of the creators are actively sharing feedback and helping each other with solutions.

We're grateful for your support and helpful feedback!

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