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Cinematic & VFX Tutorial

Welcome to the Cinematic VFX tutorial! Community videos and cinematics (also known as machinimas) have always been a part of Arma and DayZ platforms. And you, our community, have always been keen on learning and exploring our games' options. That is why Vladimír Jaške, Director of the Arma Reforger launch trailer, will show you a step-by-step workflow for creating awesome cinematics and visual effects in the Enfusion engine.

We want to help you achieve the most out of Arma Reforger and its engine Enfusion, that is why we will be bringing more tutorials from our developers in the future.

Now let's get to the first one – the cinematic tutorial. Happy creating!

Download sample files here:

List of used software:

Arma Reforger Tools:

Blender 3.x:

VirtuCamera (mocaping camera):

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