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As you all know, Arma Reforger is a foundation for Arma 4, the beginning of a multiple-year journey. The beginnings of all such complex projects are extremely difficult and might be frustrating for some time before they become solid and robust enough to support future features. We want to make Arma Reforger a platform that you enjoy creating content for, a tool that's fun to use, and a game that you simply love to play. We assure you, that we are working hard; continuously improving, fixing, and even refactoring critical features. Our team is making the game and tools better and better every day. Besides the upcoming major 0.9.6 update, which we aim to release later this year, we're excited to announce we're making progress on our first significant milestone update - Ground Support - for Q4 2022. In this update, you can look forward to significantly reduced multiplayer issues and several new features, a new gameplay mode, and many new assets. Not to mention a new 4x4 km terrain: Arland.

While we work towards releasing this large set of new content, we also decided to share our roadmap for the future of Arma Reforger development with you. Below you will find detailed information on some of the main upcoming assets and features that await you in the future. Development of a game of this complexity is a long and ongoing process. The Arma community is one of the strongest there is and so we would like to personally thank you for your patience and support through this process. With the release of the game's 1.0 update next year, the support of Arma Reforger definitely doesn't end there and it won't end until the release of Arma 4, but that's a story for the future! Let's fix what we have now first!

Lastly, as mentioned in our latest Dev Report, we're planning to transition from weekly to bi-weekly game updates. This will ensure that every version of Arma Reforger is being thoroughly tested as we focus on fixing and bettering your experience. This will also be done in conjunction with our plans to release a Release Candidate build, available for you to try before updating the main game branch, but more details on that later. Inevitably, such a complex task requires a lot of time and effort. To ensure the best results, we decided to release updates every other week.

Thank you again and stay tuned as we continue on the road to Arma 4!

- Ján Dušek, project lead

Arma Reforger Roadmap

In each of the three milestones, you'll notice two sections - Features and Assets.
Both will guide you through the details, planned for release in the corresponding milestone. The features consist of new mechanics for the gameplay, such as enabling players to take on an HQ role or the ability to give basic commands to groups of AI units. Assets relate to new content for the game: weapons, vehicles, props, and more.

Milestone updates will be specified with each released update.

Reforger will be supported after 1.0.




August 2, 2022: Roadmap text and images were updated for grammatical clarity.

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