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Welcome to the next issue of our Dev Report! There has been a lot going on with development behind the scenes, but you probably noticed this week's update was smaller in scope. The reason is simple - we’re putting most of our effort into the 0.9.6 major update at the moment. Instead, we felt this update was important to get out to players sooner rather than later because it provided some solutions to additional crash and disconnection issues.


This week we released the minor update that fixed some of the previously mentioned issues for a smoother multiplayer experience. For example, the problem with an unfocused application during loading should be now resolved. We still recommend running the game with the -forceupdate CLI parameter, however. Additionally, one of the kick issues we found and fixed related to how replicated items are initiated in a multi-threaded way. And lastly, a few crashes related to connecting or leaving modded servers were found and fixed. There may be more cases hiding there, but we'll keep seeking them out and prioritize finding more types of crashes, kicks, and disconnections. Also, please continue doing what you are doing and report your issues, it's a tremendous help for us.

For modders, you might find this new repository handy that contains some of the resources which don't fit samples, yet they are quite useful when developing a new mod. Right now this repository contains Substance Painter export profiles (useful when exporting textures from Substance Painter), colliders examples, and some stances examples exported from Motion Builder which can be used to create some new weapon animations. Staying on the topic of weapons, attachments can now be hidden in a player's inventory. An example is in the M203 grenade launcher setup.


Since our primary focus is on the upcoming major update, you can probably suspect that many of our short-term plans relate to preparations for it. You can expect a large volume of smaller scope features, improvements, and fixes upon its release. We are also closer to the first milestone update which overlaps with 0.9.6 in some ways. As mentioned in our last Dev Report, some of the features that were originally meant for the Ground Support release will be available to you in 0.9.6. You can expect improvements related to weapon deployment, Game Master, and Conflict gameplay rules.

We're excited to roll these updates out to players, but in the meantime, enjoy a few sneak peeks of what is to come in Game Master mode and compositions.


Fresh off the press is another issue of our Community Radar #3. Explore another batch of incredible artwork, recent mods, and more of the finest content made by our amazing community.

Additionally for Xbox players, you now have the option to follow our official Arma Reforger Xbox Club and get the latest intel about our development, updates, and future plans. You can also watch Arma Reforger content from fellow players and team up with other players or units to head into battle together.

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