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Community Radar #3

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. This month we explore another batch of excellent community content for everyone to enjoy. Let's get right into it!


It's always important to recon your objective area before engaging the enemy. In this well-composed image created by Santee, we see an FIA sniper, with his spotter, scouting out the target area.

FIA sniper, with his spotter, scouting out the target area.

As the convoy halts a moment, Soviet soldiers set up a security perimeter along the road. This detailed screenshot really shows off the faction-specific loadouts. Thanks to Ghostovich for making such high-quality shots!

Soviet soldiers set up a security perimeter along the road.

Spending your night doing sentry duty at the docks may not be the most ideal for this US Army soldier, but it's certainly a wonderful image for us. This photo, created by EO, really makes use of the engine's wonderful lighting.

Sentry duty at the docks.

Definitely be sure to check out this featured picture by Cdenyl. While this FIA soldier takes his turn on watch duty, there are many elements to admire from this image. The hazy morning fog, the gradient light across the camp, or the excellent use of depth of field. We can't wait to see more artwork like this!

FIA soldier on watch duty.


If you're looking for a little extra range to your gameplay, scope in on this Modern Optic Pack by RiverX. It comes with a variety of holographic, red dot, and magnified sights for near or far engagements. They're frequently updated and you can try them out from the in-game Workshop today! Be sure to also check out their modded weapons to attach these scopes, such as the MK14 EBR, M4, and MK18.

Riverx optics pack.

Watch your step! As shown in this video by RWD Mods it may not be long before these bear traps take a nasty bite out of soldiers' legs, if they're not careful. This mod is still a work in progress, but we hope to see this out on the Workshop soon!

We've definitely been impressed by the realistic terrains that players have come up with in our Tools. For example, Lukáš Koťátko has designed this creative terrain recreation of the Ore Mountains around Přísečnice dam. We look forward to seeing more progress on this map in the future and others like it.

Have to travel at night, but forgot your flashlight? No worries, because Greg has you covered with his Night Vision System that provides usable Night Vision Equipment. You can pick it up on the workshop now, and if you're a modder, grab a sample project and tutorial to learn how it works.

Zombies! You read that right. The island of Everon has been infested with the Ravage mod by haleks. It's not even Halloween yet and you can experience the horrors of running, climbing, and slashing undead in a provided single-player scenario. There is more to come, so be sure to follow their progress over on the BI forums to get the latest updates. To showcase this mod, watch the following video by 420 Toke.


If you're looking to get into Reforger content development, NightOps, an international modding team, has come together to create an entire website dedicated to modding tutorials, documentation, and knowledge for the Arma franchise. They've already put together frameworks and tutorials for topics such as basic mission creation (with samples), dynamic spawning, dynamic tasks, and more on the way.

We know our community has been keen on learning and exploring our games' options. That is why Vladimír Jaške, Director of the Arma Reforger launch trailer, recently put together a step-by-step workflow for creating amazing cinematics and visual effects in the Enfusion engine. We hope to create more video tutorials like this in the future!


Community Regiment member, Ceb Cin, has dived deep into learning the tools and capabilities of the Enfusion engine for the purpose of creating cinematic greatness. We highly recommend giving this video a watch with over three minutes of epic battles, dramatic scenes, and more. We know this is only the beginning, so we're excited to see what more can be produced.

At the beginning of this month, our team released the Developmental Roadmap for Arma Reforger. If you missed it, come listen to Regiment member Sherman give an explanation of some of the features, assets, and content to come in this in-depth video.

If you've been looking to play custom single-player content, Scalespeeder Gaming shows you exactly where you can find, download, and play single-player missions, scenarios, and challenges from the Workshop in one of their latest Reforger tutorial videos. Take a look over on their Youtube channel for more Reforger information!

For something a little different, you should watch French Youtuber RackBoyTV play UAZ Death Race, created by Sparker. It's a Mario Kart-style race in which players compete to the finish line, armed with RPGs and speed boosts. See who wins on his Youtube channel.


Enjoy an evening of creativity as TheAussieMerc streams himself creating mods using the Arma Reforger Workbench tools. See what different projects he's up to lately or other Arma content over on his Twitch channel.


New Roadmap

As mentioned previously, we were happy to share our Roadmap for the future of Arma Reforger development. Our first significant milestone update - Ground Support - is expected Q4 2022. You can find more details on our planned features and assets on our website.

Web Workshop

We know many have requested some way to externally browse mods and share with your friends outside of Arma Reforger. Well, now you can with our web Workshop, available online on our website. This is only the first version and we will keep working on improving it.

Modding Documentation:

Dev Blogs:


If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or our forums.

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