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Community Radar #14

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it, #COMRAD. We're excited to showcase another set of community content for everyone to enjoy. Let's get right into it!


We've been really impressed by the recent work shared by community terrain maker Jujurat. While they're hard at work making their new map, Garmanda, we understand that sometimes you must take a moment to enjoy the scenes you create - like this calming image of a campsite near a creek. In Arma Reforger, you can just sit down and enjoy the atmosphere as the gentle stream flows by or dive into the action and explore the terrain.

Make sure you get on board with this shot by Jove Chiere, community content creator and maker of the TOH ReCharacters mod. You may notice something about this image featuring the UH-1H with a mounted gun. Currently available only in the experimental application, this glimpse into future content is definitely worth your attention.

Speaking of things to come, take a look at this fantastic convoy image by DriftyTime. This well-composed shot of US Army soldiers driving across the island is driven by AI. It’s a great shot, though the front vehicle gunner might want to get ready for contact.

Some players of the series may recognize this image, which pays homage to a classic Arma 3 artwork from its launch announcement many years ago. This recreation in Arma Reforger, crafted by Ghostovich, shows the Arma series' advancement, and we look forward to seeing what stunning new scenes the community will create. 

Of course, we had to highlight another fantastic recreation by long-standing Community Veteran Thebuckfastwine, who has brilliantly recreated the classic Arma: Cold War Assault case artwork using the new Enfusion engine.


On April 1, it was anything but a joke when the renowned ACE mod team made their first official announcement of ACE Anvil, an experimental realism mod for Arma Reforger. Those familiar with ACE3 will recognize features such as carrying, backblast, and medical, among others. We're excited to see how this mod evolves as more content is released in the future. You can download it directly from the in-game Workshop today.

For those feeling a bit lost on the battlefield, the vPad mod by GlutenFreeVapes and Vilaskis could be a game-changer. This handy mod transforms the map into a handheld tablet, providing a usable minimap for navigating the island, whether you're on foot or driving. In the future there may even be a handheld paper map version, making navigation easier and more immersive.

In the era of Arma Reforger set in the 1980s, players can still experience historical throwbacks thanks to mods like Operation Victoria. Created by HercPlayZ96 and Throne Studios, this mod transports players to the 1700s with custom uniforms and weaponry, along with a touch of "modern" weaponry for their Tertara fantasy world. Enjoy this content in-game or stay updated on its development through their Discord server. 

Players are always eager for new landscapes to explore in the game, and KIOK, creator of Kunar Province, has delivered by transporting us to a new corner of the world with their latest Mogadishu terrain. Although still a work-in-progress, the possibilities of play are endless, as demonstrated by Task Force Gaming's recent recreation of a Black Hawk Down scenario.


Ceb Cin brings a nostalgic vibe to life with this 1980-style car advertisement for the Šárka 105, complete with authentic Czech narration. Released as part of the 1.1 Update, this vehicle is now available in-game for a test drive. Head to your local Everon car dealership today and experience the thrill of driving it firsthand - it's simply better!

The Tactical Gaming League continues to thrive, offering a unique player-vs-player experience for those looking to try something new. Take a look at their recent first match of a close-quarters battle (CQB) format showcased in-game, accompanied by Task Force Gaming's commentary. Join the action or find out more on their Discord here!


LevelCapGaming offers an insightful update on the latest content from our 1.1 Major Update, sharing their thoughts on the game, new features, visuals, and more. Tune in to hear their perspective and see if you share their sentiments! However, be sure to stay tuned for more content coming to Arma Reforger in the future. 

Join DarkLiberatorZone and his team as they head out on a mission to recapture bases from Soviet forces. Head over to their channel to witness the encounters firsthand!

Watch the experience of modern modded warfare as Jester814 and his special operations team clear out the towns of Chotain and Entre-deux on Everon. Don't miss out on this action-packed video and watch the intense combat unfold!


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