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Changes in the Workbench Audio Editor

Notable Bugfixes

  • The Signal Editor Random node in "Every Get" previously returned a static value, which was a bug. Now, it returns random values

  • The NoiseGate DSPs return with better usability - it should no longer result in a very sliced-up/choppy output signal

New Features / Nodes

It is now possible to change a shader's position and rotation, greatly affecting how different elements of your sound can be spatialized/localized in the 3D environment.

Signal Editor - Variable Node

It is now possible to use Global Variables in the Signal Editor.

Signal Editor - Delta Node

The new Signal Editor Delta node returns the value change since the last frame.

Signal Editor - Mel-Scale Node

The MelToFreq signal node has been introduced to allow for more intuitive automation of a filter's frequency parameter.

Switch Node

If you want to crossfade between input ports during sound playback, use the new Switch node. If there is no need for crossfading between input ports, use the Selector node.

AuxOut Node Improvements

On the AuxOut node, the Volume and Mono Mix attributes can now be set. Previously, this was only possible via signal.

You can also now apply DSP to the AuxOut signal before it is sent to the Final Mix.

Changes in GameCode and Data

ProjectileSoundComponent and SCR_ShellSoundComponent

An exciting new feature is the introduction of the ProjectileSoundComponent. It was created with slow(er)-traveling projectiles such as RPGs and UGL grenades in mind.
The component's UpdateSoundJob method only starts executing after the component's owner-projectile has been fired.

Its derivative SCR_ShellSoundComponent has been added to and, and it is used to achieve the all-new projectile traveling sounds for RPGs and UGL grenades. Please note that it requires a SignalsManagerComponent and a child of the BaseMoveComponent to work.

Feel free to check out Weapons_ProjectileTravelnoise_Generic.sig, which is meant to be a universally usable Signal for handling projectile traveling sounds. It is fully commented out and should get you up to speed in no time.

Amplitude Config Naming - Absolute LUFS

Previously, the Amplitude configs' names were based on their loudness relative to our -30LUFS(M/I) standard. Now, absolute LUFS is used for the config names.
Example: If you create a sound, zoom in fully (measurement distance = ~0m) and measure -44LUFS-I, then consider using the Amplitude config named Amplitude_-45LUFS_to_-40LUFS.conf to stay in line with vanilla Amplitude standards.

Don't forget that you can measure LUFS directly in the Audio Editor by right-clicking the Level meter and switching to LUFS mode!

Weapons - Roomsize-Based Interior Handling

Based on the RoomSize signal, interior-only sound layers of weapons & explosions are modulated in "size."

Additionally, a 3-size reverb system has been introduced. Based on the RoomSize signal, the weapon sound is sent to different reverbs at different levels, resulting in a more fitting reverb tail length and color.

Based on this change and many others, all modded WEAPONS and EXPLOSIONS projects should update their setups to stay current.

Not updating your projects will not break them but will result in less detailed interior tails than the rest of the vanilla soundscape.

Known Issue:

  • The Final Mix's DSP reverb tail tends to get cut off in really large rooms

Weapons - AboveTerrain Signal

To adjust the mix of weapon layers for helicopter weapons, the AboveTerrain signal has been added to the SoundComponent.

Bullet Impacts - Vehicles

Check out Weapons_BulletHits.acp to find the new SOUND_HIT_VEHICLE and SOUND_LOCAL_HIT_VEHICLE sound events. 

SOUND_LOCAL_HIT_VEHICLE - triggered if the local player character is inside the vehicle that is hit
SOUND_HIT_VEHICLE - triggered on all vehicle impacts

SCR_SoundManager - Environment Signals

The SoundManager can now set environmental signals (sea/forest/city/meadows).

Quality-of-Life Changes

  • "Close All" available

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