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Since the inception of the Arma series, modding has been one of the greatest catalysts to its success. While we've strived to create a platform for limitless creativity, we acknowledge that the series owes much of its longevity to the community's unwavering support.

With the introduction of Arma Reforger, we adopted a new approach to handling mod distribution through our in-game Workshop. However, with change can often come confusion or needed clarification. We've seen there has been a growing misconceptions regarding the Arma Reforger End-User License Agreement (EULA). Many community members are under the impression that the game's EULA permits the unrestricted use of mods created by others.

In response, we've diligently refined the language in both the game and tools EULAs to provide a more transparent expression of our intentions. Acknowledging the complexity of legal language, we understand the potential for confusion. In this article, we aim to clear up these misconceptions, clarify common questions, and address the concerns surrounding mod ownership and usage rights. Let's address some of the frequently asked questions to ensure a better understanding for our community:

How does the Arma Reforger Game EULA differ from the Arma Reforger Tools EULA or Workshop Terms of Use? Do they overlap or supersede each other in any way?

The Arma Reforger EULA regulates the use of the game itself and the use of content created using the game and made available through the game. A common example of this type of content is screenshots, videos, etc.

On the other hand, the Arma Reforger Tools EULA regulates the use of Tools and the content produced by these tools (e.g. addons, terrains, scenarios, etc).

The Workshop Terms of Use (ToU) oversees content uploaded to the Workshop platform.

Each EULA or ToU operates independently. However, the Tools EULA and Workshop ToU can work together. For example, once you have created something using the Arma Reforger Tools the Tools EULA applies to such content. Once you upload that content to the Arma Reforger Workshop another set of rules regulating the Workshop applies. The Workshop Terms of Use do not negate the rules contained within the Arma Reforger Tools EULA.

Does Bohemia Interactive own the rights to my mod or intellectual property because of this Game EULA? Can Bohemia Interactive allow others to use, copy, modify, and adapt user-created content?

This mention relates only to the content that was created using Arma Reforger itself and made available through the game, such as screenshots, videos, sharing saves or scenarios using Game Master (or an in-game editor), or similar. The new Arma Reforger EULA clarifies or updates much of this language.

Does this Game EULA allow any user to take, modify, and own mods or content without the permission of the owner?

No, regardless of the content created (e.g. videos, screenshots, addons, etc), the EULA does not grant users the right to take, modify, and own mods without the explicit permission of the owner. Users retain control over what they have created, within the rights granted by the Game or Tools EULA.

Can you clarify the extent of ownership users have over the content they create using the game, Tools, or Workshop?

If you create anything using Arma Reforger or Arma Reforger Tools, you retain control over such content. If you want to share your creations via Workshop, you must comply with the Workshop ToU. As mentioned previously, the Workshop Terms of Use do not negate the rules contained within the Tools EULA.

As a content creator, do I give my right to ownership by using my mods in your game, using the Tools, or uploading to the Workshop?

No, content creators do not relinquish ownership rights by using mods in the game, utilizing tools, or uploading to the Workshop. Your rights as a creator are preserved.

What type of protections or ownership does a mod owner have from stolen or reuploaded mod content without the owner's permission? What specific licenses govern my content's use, modification, and adaptation as outlined in the EULA?

A content author has all the means available according to applicable law to protect their content. Regarding the use of the content created using the Tools, the author may use their own custom content license (which has to be in compliance with the Tools EULA) or one of the available Arma Public content licenses. If the content is shared via the Workshop it has to be in compliance with the Workshop ToU (see Sections 2 and 3).

Will Bohemia Interactive take action against those who deliberately misuse and misunderstand the EULA?

This is a difficult question to answer directly, as any action is a case-by-case matter. The actions may vary based on severity and what we can do legally. A clear example is that infringing content can and will be removed from our Workshop. However, you, as the author, have all the means available according to applicable law to protect your content.

As a community content creator, can I limit who can use or modify my mods?

Yes, as a community content creator, you can limit who can use or modify your mods by complying with the respective terms outlined in the EULAs or by the content license you assign. For instance, if you wish to restrict anyone from creating upon or modifying your mod, you may apply an APL-ND license. More information about this can also be found in Section 3 of the Workshop Terms of Use.

Additionally, we want to include an important reminder that you may NOT create any mods for commercial purposes using our game, Tools, or Workshop. You may find more details and explanations of what we consider acceptable and what we do not on our Game Content Usage Rules page.

We understand that transparent Arma Reforger EULAs are an important part of fostering a fair and respectful environment for community content creators. We know that the legalese of these matters can be quite complicated, and it's crucial to discern the differences between the Game, Tools, and Workshop EULAs or Terms of Use. In the future, we anticipate updates to the EULA that will provide clearer communication and highlight these distinctions more prominently.

Once again, our thanks go out to every content creator for their passion and support of the Arma series. We always look forward to the continued creativity of the community and hope that these answers helped provide some clarity to your questions. 

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