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Attention Soldiers,

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  • Added: Official server capacity changed from 32 to 48 (Conflict and Game Master)

  • Fixed: Combat Ops Save and Load not working properly

  • Fixed: Combat Ops Task Attack could not be completed in certain situations

  • Fixed: Rank limitation was applied to user action in a scenario where players can't level up their rank

  • Fixed: Common crash related to HTTP connection

  • Fixed: Crash when looting items of a dead character that the Garbage System removes

  • Fixed: Crash when trying to call EquipmentStorageSlot::CanAttachItem with a null entity

  • Fixed: Crash in script after certain VME's

  • Fixed: Disabled physics collisions on missile projectiles, helps with RPGs ricocheting when they shouldn't

  • Fixed: Garbage System performance by only doing a nearby player search when relevant

  • Fixed: Secondary fire warheads were not being deleted properly

  • Fixed: Server was sending incorrect addon load order to the backend

  • Fixed: Various localization issues


  • Added: BaseMoveComponent - Temporary attribute CollisionEnabled to enable physics collision of projectiles, such as throwables

  • Added: ArmaReforger.gproj - None layer preset to debug behavior of physics without collisions

  • Added: Weapons - CollisionEnabled set in GrenadeMoveComponent of

  • Added: Weapons - Projectile layer defined in ShellMoveComponent of

  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Action to restore default state of the layer allowing for looped workflows

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