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Community Radar #13

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it, #COMRAD. We're excited to showcase another set of community content for everyone to enjoy. Let's get right into it!


Ghostovich starts us off by throwing us right into the action with another remarkable screenshot. CDF soldiers guarding a checkpoint are embroiled in an intense firefight, and the abundance of small environmental details, like the smoke and debris, makes this an exceptionally immersive shot of the action within the game.

In this well-composed screenshot by ReapingVulture, US forces skillfully set up a Main Operating Base on the Island of Everon. The scene is really well put together, with troops guarding the gate and helicopters flying overhead. Every time we look, there is more to notice.

Long-standing Community Veteran thebuckfastwine highlights some of the great visual lighting and details of the Enfusion engine in his recent photo. Even while waiting to ambush the enemy, it's hard not to stop and notice the beauty. 

We know many of you have been wondering about future content. This photo, taken by Zen Monroe from the Arma Reforger Experimental application, offers a glimpse of what's on the horizon. We thoroughly enjoyed the scenario displayed - it's a promising preview of things to come! Be sure to check out future content and provide valuable feedback, don't forget to download the Experimental application.


The Scenario Reload Menu by Til released the 1.0.3 update featuring an automatic mission rotation function at the end of a game mode. This mod is particularly handy for server owners looking to streamline the process of loading scenarios without the need for server restarts or player disconnections.

For fans of the classic ShackTac User Interface or DUI Squad Radar from Arma 3, the Coalition Squad Interface is a must-have mod in Arma Reforger. This mod offers a range of elements, including a compass, stamina bar, group display with color teams, squad radar, and customizable nametags with group names. At a glance, now you'll know not only who is on your team but where!

Erfue's work-in-progress helicopter mod introduces a Bell 412 and CH-146, showcased in stunning photos by DriftyTime. Whether you're seeking close air support capabilities or aiming for immersive civilian scenarios, these helicopters stand out as excellent choices to add variety from the standard UH-1H. Take them for a test flight from the Workshop.

Community Veteran Jakerod has released their first terrain for Arma Reforger - Rokostrov. This fascinating remote island set in the North Atlantic shelters a Soviet listening post and radar station. Spanning 4x4 km and based on a heightmap of the Drachenfels terrain from Arma: Cold War Assault, Rokostrov features rugged landscapes, sandy soil, and sparse vegetation. Don't miss the chance to explore this unique terrain.


If you're a fan of player-vs-player competitive games, then you might want to check out Reforger Competitive League. This emerging community is actively organizing teams for a custom competitive format in Arma Reforger and is welcoming new players. All you need to do is join their Discord. If you're interested in seeing what it may look like, watch their inaugural match, recorded by Task Force Gaming, and become part of the competitive scene shaping up within the league.

In collaboration with Bohemia Interactive, community content creator Ironbeard has started a series of informative videos catering to both new and seasoned players of the game. The initial release includes a helpful Quickstart Guide, offering comprehensive insights into Arma Reforger aimed at helping players get started. For more valuable content, explore Ironbeard's YouTube channel or visit the Arma Reforger Boot Camp article for informative tips and tricks.


Immerse yourself in the unrelenting chaos of the battlefield with OperatorDrewski's latest video. Witness the intensity as he confronts enemy forces in a modded DarkGru community server, engaging in a chaotic 64v64 scenario that showcases intense combat in the game.

Check out this outstanding Armachinima brought to us by Community Veteran Ceb Cin - a must-watch video! This fictional scene of US forces conducting a surprise attack really highlights some advanced features of Enfusion and the Workbench. We can't wait to see more in the future!


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