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M4A1 Block II and URG-I

by bacon8008
M4A1 Block II and URG-I


Mod for the 1st Ranger Battalion and 7th SFG CRF The weapon currently comes with a matching magazine and sight for the desert version and a matching sight for the black version. Ironsights can be folded or raised. The weapons will be in the US arsenal. * no zeroing (sight might support zeroing later) - weapon is capped at 300m m4, xps sight, laser pointer model & textures: flashlight model and textures: Helion#0849 UGL quadrant sight: Punky#5806 Holo reticle textures: EthanTheChunkymunk#3884 boring stuff: bacon#8008 1.0.31: compatibility update 1.0.30: updating tan xps3 1.0.29: removing ironsights from changing between optics 1.0.28: attachment slots on sides moved a little forward 1.0.10-1.0.27: moved optics point a little back - black URG-I has a default scope again - attachment pivot point changes in preparation for new attachment changes - URG-I now has adapters to put attachments on, new holo reticle texture, sound tweaks - reload animation for UGL works now - added URGI and UGL variants, some sound tweaks - suppressed sound tweaks, ironsights fixed, attachment action pivot point moved a little back - adjusted a few triangles, added suppressor system support - black variant uses black scope again, sounds no longer play twice - removed dependency on optics pack - xps3 now standalone - slightly adjusted bundled xps3 sight position - slight hue changes to the tan flashlight making it appear slightly less green - changed magazine collider layer from PropFireView to ItemFireView - added a soundcomponent nullpeter check in sights raise/fold actions to improve game stability - edits to mod description (laser is no longer a placeholder!) - hotfixing low field of vision with xps3 scope - added tan M300V flashlight - adjusted edge breaks so things don't look like inflated balloons - fixed some UV issues on the scope - added two tan mags: 5:1 tracer and all tracer - made tan magazine less thicc so it clips through weapons less - introduced more bugs, probably - fixed a bug created by fixing a bug - changed GUID of the tan scope to try to fight conflicts with other mods - fixed collision layer so the gun no longer falls through the ground - added support for RIS Laser and Flashlight - sound equalizer tweaks - scope tweaks for better accuracy - attempt to fix compatibility issue with mods modifying the M16 by using M16A2_Base instead as the parent prefab of the weapons - changed text from desert to black for the black version - moved xps scope a little lower - added black version

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