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RIS Laser Attachments

by bacon8008
RIS Laser Attachments


Two laser pointers and a flashlight are available in the weapon Inspection Menu. The items will be in the arsenal. For modders wishing to integrate: you "only" need to setup attachments of class AttachmentShortRIS on your weapon, and set appropriate angles (for the sides, etc). 1.0.35: Radial menu to right stick? 1.0.34: Radial menu is sort of back, reduced Barrett scope action diameter 1.0.33: Compatibility update 1.0.31-1.0.32: Fixing actions 1.0.30: Added 3 brightness levels to reflex and holo optics. 1.0.29: Added red dot to Specter. Moved XPS3 snap point 5 cm forward. 1.0.28: Added Specter 1-4x optic 1.0.27: Reverted radial menu to previous behavior because the controls are broken. 1.0.26: Radial menu is now hold instead of toggle. Xbox keybind change to RB+Dpad Left, then release RB to select. Rangefinder fixes with help from DarkWolf. 1.0.24-25: Added Radial menu (PC: Default Semicolon - please rebind, Xbox: DPadLeft+RB->RightStick->X) 1.0.23: added RIS reflex sight to all arsenals 1.0.22: reticle changes, added wear to m110 scopes 1.0.21: m110 scope snap point fix, tan m110 scope slightly brighter 1.0.20: Added scopes for m110 mod 1.0.19: More "fixes" for rangefinder? 1.0.18: MatPBRBasic -> MatCommon for the Rangefinder display, no LOD for display panel, 2 -> 1 second refresh rate, 5 -> 4 second beep interval, max error up to 1.5% if 1.5% >5 else 5 1.0.17: rangefinder should work in multiplayer now 1.0.16: moved laser origin a little forward to hopefully make it stop disappearing when moving the gun around, added laser rangefinder for testing, reduced lens flare size from 3 to 1 1.0.15: added short visible laser beams 1.0.14: ????? 1.0.13: barrett scope now has a reticle 1.0.12: lasers no longer visible through walls, I hope 1.0.10-11: moved the xps3 and barrett mod scopes to be part of this mod as a shared dependency, all lights now dynamic 1.0.9: changed smooth shading a bit on the laser pointer to appear less round 1.0.8: removed dependency on Magnifier Toggle Script 1.0.7: light LV for flashlight and laser changed from 6 to 7.5 1.0.5-1.0.6: more replication-related fixes, lights should now turn off when dropped and unequipped 1.0.4: emissive multiplier on item spawn now disabled 1.0.3: wider flashlight cone angle, increased brightness for everything 1.0.2: trying to fix arsenal spawn bug 1.0.1: disabled vol light for lasers due to a visual bug

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