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Community Radar #9

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another set of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


In this wonderful image byย Goetsch.GU, US Army forces blend seamlessly with their lush woodland camouflage as they strategize their defensive position using an M60 with a tripod. The M998 light utility vehicle in the background adds a perfect touch of military might to the scene.

On the opposing side of preparation, a soldier silently observes the procession of a formidable tank and armor vehicles along an enchanting forest road. The shallow depth of field and ominous mystery of what these units are looking at makes this an absolutely stunning artwork, as always, by Ghostovich.

It's always a good idea to bring some cover during your operations. In this screenshot captured by Jeza, patrolling soldiers are backed up by a K-17 out in the field. The composition brilliantly captures the vital synergy between infantry and cutting-edge technology.

The contrast of light and dark can be really illuminated by the fantastic lighting of the Enfusion engine. Thanks to AMDINITSRATOR for sharing this awesome screenshot of a silhouetted soldier standing guard under a lighthouse at night. We look forward to seeing more images that play with lighting in the future.ย 


In this work-in-progress terrain by JohnMcLane, prepare to be transported to the breathtaking landscapes of Montana! Enjoy majestic peaks, winding rivers, and dense forests, capturing the essence and beauty of this iconic location. You can see these sneak peek images while we wait to enjoy the final product meticulously crafted for Arma players.

On the other side of the world, step into the captivating world of Seitenbuch, Germany, brought to life with astonishing detail by Til W! This meticulously crafted 8 kmยฒ terrain offers the perfect setting for limited-scale operations, where every street, building, and field has been faithfully recreated. Explore the charming villages, traverse the open fields, and navigate the enveloping forests as you experience the essence of rural But that's not all! Along with the terrain, this mod includes three custom multiplayer team-versus-team missions, ensuring thrilling gameplay experiences for you and your friends.

Rev your engines and buckle up for an off-road adventure courtesy of an ingenious modder known as The Gator! Feast your eyes on the impressive Gatoma Pickup Truck that can comfortably accommodate two passengers in the front and back. Whether you're a lone explorer or seeking a thrilling joyride with a friend, the Gatoma Pickup Truck is your ultimate companion for off-road escapades across Everon.

Prepare to unleash the thunderous might of the FGM-148 Javelin Launcher, a remarkable creation by RiverX! This work-in-progress weapon is set to engage targets with a custom missile guidance, ensuring maximum precision and devastating impact. But that's not all - prepare to be amazed by the custom sounds and animations that bring this fearsome launcher to life. Step into the battlefield, and commandeer this game-changing weapon.


Mines! As part of the Update, our game now features both American and Soviet mines to enhance your combat experience. We've seen many players eagerly experimenting with different tactics, setting up deadly traps, and devising clever ambushes that keep everyone on their toes. Good to see people having fun like Leo here.

We began the month of April with fun and laughter by announcing our โ€œnew expansionโ€ Arma Wildlife. While the expansion was just a joke to celebrate April Foolโ€™s Day, it did offer a glimpse into the life of vehicles and their never-ending fight for survival in Armaโ€™s unforgiving landscape.


Immerse yourself in the limitless possibilities of modding in Arma Reforger. The ingenuity of the modding community pushes the boundaries of what's possible in Arma. Whether you're a fan of the game or simply curious about different types of mods, this video by OperatorDrewski offers a fascinating glimpse into the ever-evolving world of Arma with a modded gameplay experience. Watch now and see where imagination knows no bounds!

Witness this exciting video that invites you into a world where strategy, teamwork, and realism converge to create an unparalleled military experience. Get ready to feel the intensity, the camaraderie, and the sense of accomplishment that can only be found in the realm of milsim. Thanks to Jester814 for sharing!


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If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to:
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