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Community Radar #6

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another great month of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


To start us off, we enjoy this wonderful image of an early patrol by Soviet forces, brought to us by Ceb Cin. Backdropped by the gorgeous sunrise sky, this shot certainly brings out a refreshing mood to begin this month's COMRAD.

As we've said before, planning and preparation are essential to a successful operation. Featured here are members of the 2nd Infantry Division unit briefing their squad. Great to see players coming together for tactical operations, and thanks to Javin710 on the Arma Discord for capturing this.

2nd Infantry Division

EO once again brings us a stunning lighting image for our viewing pleasure. The dramatic contrast between street lights and the darkened house adds plenty of tension to this photo. As always, we can't wait to see what other great dynamic lighting shots you create.


This artwork is a blast! We catch a US soldier posing for the camera while holding an M3 MAAWS recoilless launcher, created by community modder RiverX. This excellent image was shared with us by HoneyMcNugget over on the Arma Discord. Join in to see more awesome artwork by the community!

M3 MAAWS recoilless launcher


Gotta go fast with this Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)! Created by Steve-E, this lightly armored transport will quickly sweep you away. If you want to cruise across Everon with a new set of wheels, ride this patrol vehicle with you and two friends. Download it today from the Reforger Workshop and give it a joyride!

Fast Attack Vehicle (FAV)

If land vehicles aren't your thing, we've got a high-speed cruise for you instead. Take yourself from beach to beach in this functioning RHIB. Load up your squad mates and take them to unexplored islands with this boat made by TheSpaceStrider. If you meet the enemy, don't fear, this water taxi is armed. While still a work in progress, you can pick it up on the Workshop today.


We know that how you travel is just as important and as crucial as how you look. Change up those fatigues with Vergys Military Gear, created by Vergys themself. This collection of clothing options comes in various camo choices, such as CADPAT, MARPAT, Multicam, and OCP. Pick up your new attire today after its very recent update on the Workshop.

Vergys Military Gear

Last but not least - equipment. The first community radio mod has been released to the Workshop by the name of EARS (Enhanced Arma Radio System). Players can now interact with a modern radio on an immersive level. Currently, you can operate the AN/PRC 152 radio, but there are various other handheld radios for the rest of the factions planned in the future. A useful explanation video can be found here to help you tune your channels, and you can pick this mod up from the in-game Workshop. We look forward to seeing where the EARS team takes this mod in the future!

EARS (Enhanced Arma Radio System)


Arma has always been a global community. We're always proud to see players come together to play our games. Groups like the Arma Italia Operazioni club, an Italian milsim group highlighting tactical milsim operations. If you speak Italian or want to watch some Reforger action, check them out here. You can also find other units or groups of players worldwide on our Arma Discord.

Some of our community, like community modder TepacheLoco, take notice of our environmental features, such as rain. From the sounds to the looks, we're happy others see the small details of how these features interact with assets and content.

If you're looking for an active server to try your hand at multiplayer in Reforger, look no further than Powerbits Gameteam (PBS). This group operates servers frequently filled with players battling it out on Arland or Everon and are more than welcome to help get you into the fight. If you want to try playing with them, you can find them in the Community server browser or join their Discord for further details.


Mr_Centipede is back with more combat-filled Reforger gameplay. Watch this video to see FIA soldiers defending the town of Morton from a relentless Soviet assault. You can also find more videos like this of Arma Reforger on their YouTube channel.

Interested in learning about what some of the various assets in Arma Reforger say? Then watch this short video of Cristiferbeast, over on their YouTube channel, translating some of the signs across the landscape of Everon. What other noteworthy things have you discovered in Reforger? Please share with us! We're interested to see.


Join SnippleRiffsky as he battles it out in the Conflict game mode. You can watch them on their Twitch channel, where they also enjoy playing various FPS and shooter-style games.


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If you would like to suggest content for next month's #COMRAD, make sure you tag @ArmaPlatform or #ArmaReforger on Twitter, or submit your suggestions to: Nillers on Twitter, Discord, or our forums.

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