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Community Radar #10

Welcome to the latest Arma Reforger Community Radar, or as we also call it: #COMRAD. We're excited to show off another set of community content for everyone to appreciate. Let's get right into it!


This image immortalizes a powerful moment as soldiers unleash a formal gun salute to welcome a new member to their unit, shared by Ghostbadi on Steam. The synchronized flames bursting out of all five weapons create a visually striking scene, highlighting the unity and precision of the soldiers. It also encapsulates, maybe by happenstance, the tradition and camaraderie within the military.

This striking image shared with us on the Arma Discord by Zen Monroe captures a Soviet infantry team as they stack up, preparing to breach and clear buildings on the island of Everon. The presence of the supporting BTR adds a layer of power to the scene as it covers the road, hinting at the strategic coordination of forces. 

In this picturesque scene, an FIA soldier drives behind the wheel of a Soviet UAZ-469. The details of the vehicle shine, showcasing its mechanical charm against the backdrop of the stunning countryside. Great use of depth of field and lighting in the image. Thanks to Ghostovich for sharing this!

Witness the breathtaking beauty of the rolling hills, tall grass, and lush green trees brought to life by the remarkable Enfusion engine in this panoramic photo. This excellent composition, taken by Hetstaine, immerses viewers in an enchanting landscape. With such captivating shots, we eagerly await more of these stunning landscapes in the future.


TepacheLoco has recently released a British Forces mod that introduces an impressive array of weaponry, uniforms, and equipment. This mod immerses players in authentic British Army gear, from the meticulously retextured 85 Pattern DPM Combat Uniform and MTP PCS Uniform to the wide range of SA80 variants with iron sights and optics like SUSAT and Elcan LDS. You can also join their Discord community so you don't miss out on updates for this project and others.

Red Hammer Studios (RHS), the long-standing Arma modding team, celebrated their impressive 20-year milestone. They unveiled an exciting Status Quo Phase I trailer to mark this occasion, showcasing upcoming additions to their Reforger mod Status Quo. Their recent release of version 0.3.951 adds a plethora of exciting additions, including new weapons, as well as White Phosphor variants of PVS14 NVG. It's an exciting time for Arma enthusiasts as RHS continues to enhance the game with their exceptional modding expertise.


Piloting a UH-60 helicopter, the featured pilot Archor McDaddy demonstrates impressive skill by executing a risky, spiral landing. Although Arma Reforger doesn't offer official helicopters yet, it's exciting to witness players honing their piloting abilities through these mods.


Embark on an exciting journey as numerous players dive into the early development of the DeadZone mod, a thrilling game mode reminiscent of DayZ, offering intense loot, scavenging, and player-versus-player experiences. In this captivating video, OperatorDrewski teams up with SadaPlays to hike the countryside in Arma Reforger, immersing themselves in a gripping survival adventure.

Experience the intensity of combat as showcased in Task Force Gaming's gameplay video, featuring players battling it out on the modded terrain of Kunar Province. Watch gripping gunfights and engagements as they strive to secure the crucial territory of Kandar. It's a display that immerses viewers in Arma's action-packed world.


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