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Attention Soldiers, Changelog


  • Added: It's now possible to set the Z-offset of the turret sidesteps ray trace for each turret compartment

  • Fixed: Entering a turret while moving displaces the character from it

  • Fixed: Animation of the bipod not playing during weapon inspection reload

  • Fixed: No longer possible to manipulate with supplies or start build mode using a destroyed supply truck

  • Fixed: OwnerOnly and NoOwner properties should no longer incorrectly attempt to read their value from the baseline

  • Fixed: Mines are now not allowed to be dropped while being placed.

  • Fixed: Group menu selection doesn't change when a player respawns

  • Fixed: Seize and Defend tasks were not working due to a faulty trigger

  • Fixed: Download manager version displaying

  • Fixed: Rivers flow map

  • Fixed: A case where MovementSwayAimModifier would not update because of premature caching and validation of unused variable


  • Added: World Editor - Menu actions for prefab inheritance moved under the generic "Inherit" interface of every resource browser


  • Fixed: UI - Image set loading crash fix

Server Hosting

Known Issues

  • Server performance can be significantly reduced when replicating a high number of characters (players + AIs), and this issue becomes more prominent with increased limits, making it difficult to handle 128 players and 200+ AIs.

    • Playing Everon Conflict with 128 players is not recommended, while Arland might be more feasible due to its smaller size and fewer AI spawns. Pure PvP without AIs could be a potential alternative for larger player counts.

  • Initiating picture-in-picture (PiP) scope during weapon-switching animation results in the scope view being blacked out.

  • PiP scope turns black when switching between prone and crouched stance while aiming down sights (ADS).

  • Visual and audio effects of shooting might not be replicated for other players after picking up a dropped weapon.

  • Problems with looting dead bodies were encountered during testing and require investigation.

  • Base callsigns may be missing after reconnecting.

  • Issues with an inability to respawn at a specific base after death were encountered during testing and require investigation.

  • The spawn point of the radio operator may disappear from the deploy screen when they switch vehicle seats.

  • Passengers in a vehicle may float around vehicles or be invisible to other players after switching seats until they exit the vehicle.

  • AI do not react to nearby gunfire from a turret mounted on any vehicle, behaving as if no shooting occurred at all.

  • The game window briefly switches to full screen during loading screen transitions.

  • The filter for modded entities in the Editor Entity browser is not functioning.

  • Server configuration param for a2s is not properly working. If you want to use a2s protocol, it must be configured via CLI params a2sIpAddress and a2sPort.

  • After enabling a previously disabled add-on, included missions are not displayed in the "Scenarios" tab until the game is restarted.

  • Add-ons required for joining a modded server may be incorrectly displayed after opening the server browser for the first time after disconnecting.

  • Addon downloading sometimes gets stuck or fails when connecting to a server.

    • Addon download might get stuck if you try to download an older version of an addon you already have downloaded.

  • If you are certain your download got stuck:

    • First, try to restart the game and connect to the server again.

    • If it doesn't help, cancel the download/connection process.

    • Try to initiate the connection to the same server again → You will see a list of addons that need to be downloaded/updated → Those are likely the addons causing the problem.

    • Go to Workshop and find the addons from the previous step and delete them.

    • Restart the game and connect to the same server again. The download should finish successfully.

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