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Project Redline - UH-60

by Ralian
Project Redline - UH-60


Controls: Shift/Z: Collective UP/DOWN Q/E: Yaw L/R WASD: Cyclic Direction Controller is also supported but for now you cannot freelook while using it. Project Redline Team: Ralian BigBen SpaceStrider Ashyl Special Thanks: Jacob_mango Zelik MarioE Wardog Bacon Some_stranger + all the devs and others that helped directly and indirectly Watch out for more updates and report any problems to us on the arma discord! -- UPDATE LOG -- v1.3.5 Fix animations for v0.98 Improve minigun audio Fix flight model for v0.98 Reduce rotor warp slightly v1.3.4 Added SP4 helmet to initial inventory Added US Label Fixed Draggable Crash Fixed Decal Normal Buffer Fixed Inheritance Issues Adjusted engine sounds Adjusted Dashlights to remove log spam and improve quality Adjusted landing light brightness Reworked turrests v1.3.3 Startup sound improvements Fuel tank and fuel consumption improvements v1.3.2 Removed wheel simulation Added placeholder colliders for wheels Fixed destroyed textures Fixed minigun turet depression Changed hitbox to conform to game standards. Added AI aimpoints. v1.3.1 Added door movements Game animation compatibility fixes Fixed MFCD compass rotation/heading display v1.3.0 Addded functional MFCDs String Localization Material tweaks Added M240 Turret Variants Fixed turret Reloading & Inventory v1.2.1 Hotfix: Remove ability to use miniguns from pilot seat. v1.2.0 Compatibility with R3D_CORE mods Added mounted weapons back - fixed related crashes Disabled blade breaking due to performance issues Added flare pods & flare effects Fixed crashes related to deleting/destroying the helicopter Prevent passengers from using the Parking Brake action Fixed geometry and collision layer issues Fixed improperly scaled MFD textures Fixed freelook with controller / Xbox & Other script fixes and tweaks v1.1.2 Hotfix: Turrets have been removed since they are crashing the UH60 on deletion/destruction Smoke and particles should now be visible through the glass material Reworked compartments, seat drift should be fixed v1.1.1 Hotfix: Damage tweaks, minigun animation, and more debug spam fixes v1.1.0 Improved vehicle model and textures Emissive panel lights with switch (see overhead panel) Minigun should no longer be able to shoot tail section Slight flight model improvements Some script fixes - collision debug spam still exists due to engine bug Seat switch bugfixes v1.0.3 Added freelook workaround (Hold LT) for XBOX Added parking brake - set by default Made artificial horizon instrument work Better Minigun smoke effects

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