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BetterSounds 3.5

by Ashyl_A.R.M.A_Team
BetterSounds 3.5


Better (maybe not) gun shot sounds.


Immerse yourself in a more realistic and dynamic audio experience with BetterSounds. This mod completely overhauls gun shot sounds, explosions, and environmental effects, delivering a more authentic and immersive gameplay environment.
Key Features:
Authentic Weapon Audio: Experience a vast improvement in the quality and realism of weapon sounds, including HMGs, LMGs, rifles, and more.
Dynamic Environmental Effects: Variable sound tails and echoes based on your location, such as echoes in urban environments or reverberations in confined spaces.
Comprehensive Sound Library: A wide range of weapon and explosion sounds, ensuring a consistent and engaging auditory experience across all scenarios.
Designed to work seamlessly with other mods, BetterSounds should be placed as the last mod in your mod order for optimal compatibility.
Upgrade Your Gaming Audio:
Enhance your gameplay with BetterSounds and feel the intensity of every shot and explosion. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the battlefield, this mod is designed to elevate your gaming experience to new heights.
1. **For Single Player (SP) Users:**
   - Before installing any new mods, delete any existing instances of BetterSounds (BS) and Enhanced Weapon Immersion (EWI).
   - Re-install BS and EWI as the last mods in your mod order.
2. **For Server Administrators:**
   - Configure the mod order on your server to ensure that BetterSounds and Enhanced Weapon Immersion are loaded last.
   - This step is crucial for maintaining compatibility across all client mods.

//v 3.5.3 compatibility with mods that ChillFam server uses 2
//v 3.5.2 some compatibility with mods that ChillFam server uses
//v 3.5.1 Tweaks
//v 3.5.0 Big update, for full changelog see Betters Mods branch or A.R.M.A Team discrod server
//v 3.0.3 Tweaks
//v 3.0.2 Tweaks
//v 3.0.0 Moved experimental branch to stable. Contains not all weapons

//v 1.3.3 m249 improvments, screams are much better
//v 1.3.2 RPK sounds added, various sound improvments, bullets hits improvment
//v 1.3.1 Rifles distant shoots sounds improved, tweaks. PKM redone, bullet sounds improved
//v 1.3.0 M60 sound fixed, bullet hits and cracks improved
//v 1.2.9 Bullet hits sounds improved, m60 mg sounds added, m249 and pkm sounds improved, screams reworked
//v 1.2.8 Bullet sonic cracks and flybys sounds improved, some fixes
//v 1.2.7 HMGs sounds improved, HMG bullet cracks added, added vz-58 indoor sound and vz-58m suppresor sound added
//v 1.2.6 Screams added, tweaks
//v 1.2.5 Optimization, PKM and KPVT added
//v 1.2.4 Technical-side update
//v 1.2.3 Luminary weapons sounds change, m249 added and tweaks
//v 1.2.2 Grenades, rocket launchers added, some tweaks
//v 1.2.1  Fully remade for Reforger 1.0 update, for now contains only main rifles changes (m16, AK-74, VZ-58)
//v 1.2.0 Fully remade (contains  RPG, MGs and rifles change for now)
//v 1.1.19 Improvments
//v 1.1.18 First iteration of updated sounds for other mods, mainly suppressors and DarkGru mods
//v 1.1.17 Tweaks
//v 1.1.16 Sonic cracks improved, tweaks, rpg shot improved
//v 1.1.15 Big improvments for main rifle sounds
//v 1.1.14 Improved distance shot sounds, added dynamic echo of bullet
//v 1.1.13 Bullet impacts more lound, distance shots imrovments, 1st person shot sounds for rifles improvment
//v 1.1.12 12,7/14,5mm sonic cracks now brutal, imorovments
//v 1.1.11 Improvments, sonic cracks rework
//v 1.1.10 Fixes. tweaks
//v 1.1.9 Fixes, improvments
//v 1.1.8 Reduced db for rifles, rpk 74 improvments
//v 1.1.7 Explosions louder now
//v 1.1.6 Improvments
//v 1.1.5 Explosion sounds rework + grenade fix
//v 1.1.4 Some explosion sounds changes
//v 1.1.3 Some changes
//v 1.1.2 Added more tails to all rifles, rpk now better, tweaks
//v 1.1.1 Changes
//v 1.1.0 Big update, greatly improved splapbacks, diffirient tails, far echos and tails for each rifle (at this time)
//v 1.0.5 Fully remade
//v 1.0.4 Some improvments, testing, contact me if any thing wrong Майнкрафтеер (Тишка)#8246.
//v 1.0.3 Some improvments
//v 1.0.2 Fixes
//v 1.0.1 Hotfix
//v 1.0.0 First version, WIP


Arma Public License (APL)

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