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by Ashyl


Better Hits And Explosion Effects.

Affects all effects of hits and explosions.


Better Hits, Explosion And Particle Effects
Be careful, do not use two mods at the same time that change the same effects and hit particles and explosions. Example: Mods "BetterHitsEffects" and "Effects" - do not use them at the same time!

Affects all effects of hits and explosions.


//v2.9.1 Tweaks
//v2.9.0 RPG 7 effect fix, some improvments
//v2.8.9 Okay its gone
//v2.8.8 [DELETED] Appeared! Be alert and ready, it's everywhere.
//v2.8.7 Tweaks/improvments (Metal hit effect esp)
//v2.8.6 Dynamic light clip LV <, improvments
//v2.8.5 Improvments, optimize 
//v2.8.4 Some fixes, improvments. On the way to update all effects to new version
//v2.8.3 Hit effects tweaks, rpg trail fix. Waiting forArma particles update merge from exp branch, will be much better :) 
//v2.8.2 Decals for brick impacts improved, tweaks
//v2.8.1 New m67 explosion effect (now they are diffirient for m67 and rgd5), new logic system for explosion decals + decals improvment, new decal for brick impact, improvments
//v2.8.0 Decals for concrete and brick are bigger now
//v2.7.9 Optimization, improvments
//v2.7.8 Reduced Lens Flares
//v2.7.7 Improvments
//v2.7.6 Improved vehicles explosion, some tweaks and improvments
//v2.7.5 Smoke of hits on hard surfaces are now more random
//v2.7.4 Бебра added
//v2.7.3 Optimization, tweaks, improvments, smoke grenades rework
//v2.7.2 Tweaks
//v2.7.1 Tweaks
//v2.7.0 Optimization - ~1,5 times less particles count without visually changes. Minor changes. Lens flares changed
//v2.6.8 Improvments
//v2.6.7 Improved dynamic lights
//v2.6.6 Sligltly improved performance (fps), expect more
//v2.6.5 Added Squad-Like sparks particles (more red and bloom)
//v2.6.4 More improvments
//v2.6.3 Some improvments
//v2.6.2 improvments, espescially rpg shot effects
//v2.6.1 Great improvments
//v2.6.0 Some fixes and improvments
//v2.5.9 Postflame/smoke added for all explosions
//v2.5.8 Sparks reduce, some improvments
//v2.5.7 Improvments
//v2.5.6 Improvments
//v2.5.5 Improvments
//v2.5.4 merge version from experimental to regular arma branch
//v2.5.3 Big improvments of explosions and rpg 7 shoot effects
//v2.5.2 Impovments
//v2.5.1 Impovments
//v2.5.0 Hotfix
//v2.4.0 Improvmets
//v2.3.9 Better decals for concrete and metal (Note, there some bug when sometimes normal map doesnt work for decals, so expect sometimes it will no work)
//v 2.3.8 added wind affect, so now smoke from hits doesnt stay at one place
//v 2.3.7 Improvments
//v 2.3.6 Size fix
//v 2.3.5 Fixes
//v 2.3.4 fixes
//v 2.3.3 Hotfix
//v2.3.2 Decals and hit effects improvment.
// v2.3.1 Improvements to the effects of transport, explosions and some hits
// v2.3.0 Improved the effects of car explosions, the effects of hits on bricks and concrete and decals hitting them.
// v2.2.0 Removed the visual effect of shrapnel from explosions, I created a separate mod "Shrapnel", which adds physical and realistic fragments from grenades and explosions.
// v2.1.9 Some improvments 4
// v2.1.8 Some improvments 3
// v2.1.7 Some improvments 2
// v2.1.6 Some improvments
// v2.1.5 Improved BTR70 explosion effect
// v2.1.4 Improved smoke grenades effects 
//v 2.1.3 Improved vehicles explosions, added ammunition cookoff sound and effect. Improved trail from rpg
//v 2.1.2 improved the effects of tires, explosions and smoke from vehicles
//v 2.1.1 Removed casing effects, made a separate mod "BetterCasings"
//v 2.1.0 Testing, need feedback in discord. Casings are 3d and physical now, (no performance issues). Improved blood effects
//v 2.0.2 Work on explosions has been carried out, shock wave has been added
//v 2.0.1 Now some debris physically interact with the environment, as well as improved impact effects in sand, mud, stone and explosions.
//v 2.0.0 Full rework, now its a way better)
//v 1.3.5 Adds new explosion effects and shrapnel effect (only visible)
//v 1.3.4 Added new flesh hits effects and rework RPG and M72 shot effects
//v 1.3.3 Some fixes
//v 1.3.2 Added new effects for m72 and rpg
//v 1.3.0 Rework
//v 1.0.1 Release


Arma Public License (APL)

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