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We know that many of you have been waiting for the next Arma Reforger update. As with all development, plans change, and we aim to adapt accordingly depending on the goals of our internal team and the desires of the community. That's why we want to be as open and upfront about our current plans as possible and shed some light on where we are in the process. If you read our latest Dev Report, you know that we've been actively preparing the first major update (0.9.6), as well as our first Release Candidate build. Many were understandably disappointed in our change from the original bi-weekly timetable but we did so in order to focus our efforts on providing a quality update that players would enjoy. While we can't promise our exact release schedule moving into the future, we're finally ready to release to the public the 0.9.6 Experimental build. You can find all the detailed changes and known issues in the changelog.

The Arma Reforger Experimental is a separate Steam client application that maintains a build of experimental content and features for owners of Arma Reforger. Ahead of the main application updates, we prepare the build on this separate public application for testing. This testing period may vary, but the goals are as follows:

  • To allow frequent and flexible updates to test our work publicly.
  • To discover potential issues in the varied player base and receive early feedback. This is complementary to our in-house testing by the various QA teams.
  • To validate ideas, try out concepts, experiment with technologies or content, and gather player feedback on it all.
  • To allow mod teams and other custom content creators to prepare for changes and adapt their works if necessary.

You might have noticed the change in its name, in contrast to the original Release Candidate proposal. However, we believe this terminology helps everyone to better understand its purpose and intended goals for the title. Another benefit of two separate Steam applications, there's no need to switch between branches that would normally involve re-downloading data. Its primary purpose is to allow users an advanced look at features in which to test. Your feedback is vastly important to these builds, and as always, we appreciate your assistance!


  • The Experimental build may still contain issues that we look to address during the testing period.
  • Features and content are still considered provisional and are not guaranteed to be added or adjusted for the main release build.
  • Experimental is only available to Steam clients and thus not crossplay compatible.
  • Multiplayer is only compatible with other users of experimental. However, we cannot guarantee what experience or issues players may face while using it.
  • Mods or other custom content may not be compatible with experimental.
  • Frequent updates may occur until the full release, so consider your bandwidth.
  • This build is not 100% representative of a final main release build.


Opt into the Experimental build in your Steam client:

  • Go to your Steam application.
  • Select Library.
  • Select Arma Reforger Experimental in your games list.
  • Click Install.
  • Let it download and launch once complete.
    • To ensure a valid build, consider verifying the integrity of the local game cache using the Steam client.


  • The best place to report issues is our Feedback Tracker (how-to guide).
    • Please mark your exact version number and usage of the experimental build clearly.
    • Please also try to replicate the issue in an un-modded build.
    • Please prioritize reports on issues new to the experimental build (not present in the main release build).
  • The experimental build can also be discussed in this forum's discussion thread.

Thank you kindly for your help with making Arma Reforger a better game!

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