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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game today, February 16.

A new important feature to highlight is the Free Roam Building mechanic that enables players to build support structures and field fortifications anywhere in the game world, as long as the site is close to a vehicle carrying the requisite construction materials. This iteration of Conflict's building feature means players are no longer confined to predefined slots for support structures.

Since this is the first time we are releasing Arma Reforger in an Experimental application also on Xbox, please follow the link to our Arma Reforger Experimental article to find out where you can download the application and what is the purpose of Experimental. Changelog


  • Added: Free Roam Building feature

  • Changed: Changed crack puddle sharpness for a bit more explicit puddles from detail textures

  • Changed: Moved the MG in compositions to make sure Players stand behind it rather than sit

  • Changed: Sorting is always set to default - behavior is now consistent across all browsers

  • Tweaked: Position of context for open door action

  • Fixed: Color values in LightRunway_02 prefab

  • Fixed: AILimit counter condition when removing AI agents

  • Fixed: Fixed Arland time zone

  • Fixed: Wrong lighting on bunkers

  • Fixed: Streamed out friendlies appeared as unknown source in VoN display UI

  • Fixed: Combat ops - End screen only shows objectives that were completed while the player was connected

  • Fixed: Conflict - Wrong points color in HUD

  • Fixed: Coastal bases do not have Signal/antenna icons when missing range

  • Fixed: Spawning in Morton, added 2 bunkers

  • Fixed: Destroyed vehicles do not shut engine down

  • Fixed: Incorrect keybind hint in tutorial stage 67

  • Fixed: Tutorial - Screen flickering upon scenario start

  • Fixed: Vehicles collide with grenades on the ground and can get stuck

  • Fixed: Cannot loot binoculars and compass from dead bodies

  • Fixed: Services in bases can be duplicated

  • Fixed: Updating mesh every frame on supply trucks in conflict

  • Fixed: Players can get stuck on loading in deploy screen when deploying to remote locations and getting spawn killed

  • Fixed: Tutorial - Wrong waypoint position for bunker building stage

  • Fixed: Wristwatch was not being updated after dropping and picking up

  • Fixed: Entities were force-streamed to client even when editor was opened, but the mode that required streaming was not active

  • Fixed: Compression on flashlight overlay textures in map changed from ColorHQCompression to DXTCompression to remove the artifacts

  • Fixed: Budgeting for stationary nodes with per connection streaming disabled

  • Fixed: Create permission record on the fly

  • Fixed: Conflict - Spawnpoint activation upon building an antenna in a base when all other conditions are already fulfilled

  • Fixed: Conflict - Spawnpoint activation upon connecting a base to the HQ radio network by capturing another base on the way

  • Fixed: UAZ wheels damage, misconfigured roof frame and canvas

  • Fixed: HQ Tents should no longer use Medical crates. Morton spawn moved.

  • Fixed: A check is added to make sure that opened storage are still within vicinity of the player

  • Fixed: Crash when looting dead character

  • Fixed: Engine not starting up reliably on high FPS


  • Added: Math3D::IntersectionSphereAABB API

  • Added: CharacterVicinityComponent::GetDiscoveryRadius API

  • Added: Workshop API to get unfinished download

  • Changed: Editor manager variable was not available in all events

  • Fixed: Server events for mode activation and deactivation were not called in all situations.  

  • Fixed: When importing FBX from not loaded project error message

  • Fixed: When importing FBX check for it in all loaded Addon Projects 

  • Fixed: Check if FBX is imported from not loaded project

  • Fixed: Error message when importing model with wrong GUID and relative path

Scenario Framework

  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Mission header for CombatOps with ability to set number and type of tasks

  • Added: ScenarioFramework - Add Task Defend

  • Changed: Names of the classes of the SF components.

  • Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Replacing obsolete GetTitleText() with GetTitle()

  • Tweaked: ScenarioFramework - Formatting of code to comply with set conventions

  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Exfil task is called move for clients

  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Multiplayer issues with SCR_CharacterTriggerEntity, improved exfil countdown and further polished the feature

  • Fixed: ScenarioFramework - Randomized task generation issues that sometimes prevented tasks from being created


  • Added: UGC privileges are now considered in custom group texts

  • Added: Group name/description now respect UGC also friendly option

  • Added: View target user created content Xbox permission

  • Changed: Xbox mod storage has been increased to 20GB. Players on Xbox need to re-download all the mods.

  • Fixed: Avoid underflow of Xbox PLS space reservation

  • Fixed: XR-045 - Player with Blocked UGC privilege can see custom group names in deploy screen


  • Added: Upper limit when computing offset to light cluster structure to avoid possible GPU crash

  • Fixed: Broken river flow-maps generating

  • Fixed: GPU crash due to page fault when accessing const buffer out of uploaded range

  • Fixed: GPU crash due to vertex buffers overwrite in particles system

  • Fixed: Rendering glitches on particles

  • Fixed: GPU crash, fog read from unset const buffer instead of internal structure   


  • Fixed: Fixed rare case where reliable RPC sent once, followed by constant stream of unreliable RPCs, may never be ACKed and gets resent constantly.

  • Fixed: It isn't possible to join modded server with dependencies after game restart

  • Fixed: Rare case when sliding window ACK sending is blocked due to uninitialized RTT.

  • Fixed: High memory consumption on server - caused by replication stats


  • Tweaked: Workshop checks for an invalid state to improve API stability

  • Tweaked: Improved download pause and resume stability

  • Tweaked: Prevent downloading a mod twice at the same time

  • Tweaked: Safety check on creating a http transfer

  • Fixed: IsEnabled didn't work correctly for local mods

  • Fixed: Mods from a different environment break update

  • Fixed: Race condition in request scheduling

  • Fixed: Deleting and re-downloading mod leads to a crash

  • Fixed: If player deletes and re-downloads a mod, it is deleted after opening workshop

  • Fixed: Mods in certain state after download can prevent game starting

  • Fixed: Crash on mod update on a Linux server

  • Fixed: Infinite addon update if patch is empty

  • Fixed: Pausing and resuming download results in failed addon data validation  

Known Issues

  • Severe performance problems during the course of the Conflict Eden scenario. We recommend focusing on the Conflict Arland scenario for a more stable gameplay experience in this Experimental version.

    • The performance of servers degrades over time when Free building is used to the limits.

    • AI number reaching 180 units drives the server to severely low performance.

    • Placing too many equipment boxes via GM stresses the performance of servers and increases the number of kicks.

  • General bugs

    • The movement of the player camera isn't fluent when playing with a controller and a 30 FPS limit.

    • Tasks placed by GM don't disappear when the required objectives are completed.

    • It isn't possible to use Steam overlay to connect to a player who is hosting an in-game server.

    • Entering a turret while sprinting deforms the character.

    • Using the RMB in the quick-heal menu in the inventory darkens the screen.

    • Vehicles get stuck sometimes when they're in first gear. Stopping and restarting the engine fixes the issue.

    • Switching seats in a vehicle at the same time as exiting the vehicle can break your character controller.

    • Two players getting in a vehicle at the same time will break the character controller for one of them and may block the seat until the player disconnects.

    • Two players switching to the driver's seat at the same time can cause a minor de-sync.

    • It isn't possible to activate Free building on a truck that's been inactive for over half an hour.

  • Addon downloading gets stuck sometimes or fails when connecting to a server.

    • Addon download gets stuck if you try to download an older version of an addon you've already downloaded.

    • Addon download is skipped if you cancel and reinitiate connection to the server before the addon download finishes or gets stuck.

  • If you are certain your download got stuck:

    • Try to restart the game first and connect to the server again.

    • If that doesn't work, cancel the download/connection process.

    • Try to initiate a connection to the same server again → You will see a list of addons that need to be downloaded/updated → Those are likely the addons that are causing the problem.

    • Go to the Workshop, find the addons from the previous step, and delete them.

    • Restart the game and connect to the same server again. The download should finish successfully.

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