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Attention soldiers,

We updated the game on both Steam and Xbox.



  • Fixed: Possible crash on replicating destructible entities

  • Fixed: Possible crash on complex projectiles interaction layer

Known Issues


  • Supply amount on bases is 0 after loading session save

  • Players are unable to change stance after getting dragged from the vehicles when they are unconscious

  • Getting into an unconscious state while leaving the vehicle can lead to player desync

  • Players sometimes cannot join already existing groups on the server after they connect

  • Persistent Sprint and Aiming Down Sights controls do not register properly when using a controller

  • Characters in the turrets sometimes start drifting away creating a surrealistic portrait of a man with really long arms holding a turret

  • The base will sometimes show the supply count in a decimal number

  • Some items in the inventory can look blurry and with low poly texture

  • UI in the vehicle or the turret can be hard to see

  • Composition holograms completely blind players when they are building structures with a shovel

  • FidelityFX Super Resolution reset after changing the Quality preset

  • Moving items in the inventory while using Arsenal will consume these items

  • Players that die with the shovel equipped will see the composition holograms even without it

  • The supply amount in build mode does not update correctly

  • AIs will continue firing in the same direction from turrets if they fall unconscious

  • Some fortifications are getting deleted on the server after placement

  • Building previews are rarely visible for players without shovel-equipped

  • Players sometimes see only the disassemble action on recently placed composition

  • The backpack is not visible in inventory after being equipped

  • AI aims slowly with turrets

  • Exiting flipped vehicles can place character under the ground

  • Pointing a finger and opening the map at the same time gets the player stuck in the map

  • Falling unconscious while looking at the map will block a player from doing anything

  • The automatic collection of dead bodies, items, and vehicles can sometimes stop working.

Game Master

  • Players getting killed by GM are punished for suicide

  • Deleting all dead bodies and destroyed vehicles with the GM can lead to the kick of all GMs from the server

    • Workaround: Delete entities in smaller batches

  • Players leaving GM on a populated server have a higher chance of being kicked from the server


  • Progress is not indicated when processing downloaded data.

  • Server performance can be greatly reduced when replicating a high number of characters (players + AIs), and this issue becomes more prominent with increased limits, making it difficult to handle 128 players and 200+ AIs.

    • Playing Everon Conflict with 128 players is not recommended, while Arland might be more feasible due to its smaller size and fewer AI spawns. Pure PvP without AIs could be a potential alternative for larger player counts.

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