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In this Modding Update, we present three videos taken from a recent workshop by our developers. Each video is led by a different Bohemia Interactive developer and takes you through the fundamental principles of working with animations in Arma Reforger. Whether you're a seasoned modder or a newcomer eager to learn, these insights will help expand your knowledge of the Enfusion modding tools.

In the first video, Maciej Pham Quoc, Senior Technical Designer, delves into the Enfusion Blender Tool. This powerful tool is for creating and importing custom animations into Arma Reforger. Maciej provides a detailed walkthrough, demonstrating how to use the tool effectively to bring your animations to life in-game.

Next, Theo Escamez, Senior Technical Animator, will explain the finer points of Animation Graphs, an important component for managing and controlling animations in Arma Reforger. He will explain how these graphs function within the game engine and share techniques for creating smooth, realistic animations.

In this final video, Mario Enriquez, Modding Supervisor, delves into the scripting side of animation modding, which ties everything together. Scripting is needed to integrate animations into the game, and Mario shares some best practices.

We hope these videos expand your knowledge and understanding of the Enfusion engine and what is possible in Arma Reforger. We look forward to continuing to provide valuable modding knowledge and content for the community. Stay tuned for more, and happy modding!

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