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Minor update for Arma Reforger on Steam

We are going to update the Steam version of the game. There will be downtime of the servers between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger Steam changelog:

  • Fixed: Inherit prefab in addon action disabled on read-only data

  • Fixed: UI: temporary disabled tooltips (not used in game at all) as hotfix for crash during game exit

  • Tweaked: Proper handling of download error for no files to download bug

  • Changed: Raised max connection limit in RplNet to 256 to match server config limits

  • Fixed: Crash when number of adapters in system was over 4

  • Fixed: Added missing view geo to several models

  • Fixed: Typo in Instagram link

  • Fixed: M88 injured materials are still using telnyashka texture

  • Fixed: AI sometimes don't see players in very dark area, even from upclose

  • Fixed: Possessed AIs collide have bad collisions

  • Fixed: Broken character movement when changing items in prone

  • Fixed: GameConnection stuck when PrepareReload happens in state other than Ready

  • Fixed: Crash when world reload happens just as stream is being prepared

  • Fixed: Deletion during loading not properly modifying RplScheduler's spatial map

  • Fixed: EnableStreaming(Node) not working properly with layering

  • Changed: RplScheduler's budgeting considers the amount of streams client has open when opening streams

  • Tweaked: Improved replication / RplScheduler / BattlEye logs in order to reduce spam and improve information value

  • Fixed: stretched character arms when using mounted turret on M1025

  • Changed: horizontal aim limits on humvee turret to match aimspace values

  • Fixed: Campaign MP - Levitating fireplace

  • Fixed: Campaign MP - Levitating radio in Lamentin

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