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New Updates for Steam and Xbox #7

Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox versions of the game. The Steam version will be updated on Wednesday, 13th of July. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

The Xbox version will be updated on Thursday, 14th of July. Some of the official Xbox servers will be unavailable between 12:00 - 15:00 CEST.

Arma Reforger changelog:


  • Fixed: Improvements to door network synchronization
  • Fixed: Explosion projectiles applying damage to multiple items was optimized
  • Fixed: NwkMovementComponent extrapolation would work with the previous value rather than the latest one
  • Tweaked: Logging RplId of nodes that could not be found during creation
  • Tweaked: Added a note regarding prefab entityID network serialization
  • Added: Streaming all content of the current cell first logic


  • Fixed: AI getting stuck in aiming after an attack and investigating
  • Fixed: Rotation of AI when provided with a lookAt location
  • Added: New navmesh area type for ladders

UI and Localization

  • Fixed: Disabling and enabling a dependency of a mod showed a wrong confirmation dialog
  • Fixed: Faction attribute now supports other entities that use the faction controller
  • Fixed: Author name in the loading screen
  • Fixed: Multiple strings for localization
  • Fixed: Login dialogs need the player's email instead of their username
  • Fixed: Opening the context menu by clicking RMB on an entity did not hide its tooltip
  • Fixed: Script error when opening the entity browser
  • Changed: Kick notifications now state the reason why the player was kicked (if it happens through player interaction, e.g. a vote to kick for excessive teamkilling, etc.)
  • Changed: Debug info in entity tooltips is now based on the debug menu
  • Changed: Visuals of VON UI unified with other HUDs and simplified; the whole widget is about 25% smaller in both X and Y axis
  • Changed: Icon indicator for continuous transmission changed to "lock"
  • Added: Feedback Tracker link to the community section


  • Fixed: Opening the inventory now pins a grenade instead of throwing it
  • Fixed: Camera shaking when the player would melee while in ADS
  • Fixed: Set 'draggable' to false on all arsenal, ammo, equipment boxes; block users from moving boxes into vehicles/inventories
  • Fixed: Dropping a transmitting radio would not end the transmission
  • Fixed: Spawning inside radio operators
  • Fixed: AI could block construction sites
  • Fixed: In some cases the building process was not blocked for the player when building was in progress
  • Fixed: Reloading while holding the fire button does not break the reloading animation anymore
  • Fixed: Changing fire mode cancels weapon firing to prevent 'full-automatic shooting' with semi-automatic weapons using rapid fire mode changing
  • Fixed: The death camera was not following the player character
  • Fixed: Toggling between Picture-in-Picture and 2D scopes should no longer cause issues
  • Fixed: PiP HDR possibly using an improper camera index
  • Fixed: VME when swapping PiP scopes
  • Fixed: Correct collider materials assignment and fixes to hit effects and decals on the municipal office building
  • Fixed: Complex loadout compositions may break if inserted via a request spawn item, as an entity needs a HierarchyComponent in order to be parented via the SpawnParams Parent property
  • Hotfixed: Ragdoll Y position not synchronized when streaming ragdolls in
  • Tweaked: Shaking of the turret in ADS while rotating it or the vehicle moving
  • Changed: Door component disabled for Door_FactoryHall_E_01_Elevator
  • Changed: Map deactivates/activates the player camera when it opens/closes
  • Changed: Rocket M72 with a new model and rig (fixes sticking out fins)


  • Fixed: HTTP response queue depletion, when joining to / disconnecting from a modded server
  • Fixed: Potential Workshop crash
  • Fixed: Backend - Crash when someone exceeds the data size and JSON creation fails during Save or Upload
  • Fixed: Checking ping before entering the server browser
  • Tweaked: Backend - Service status test time value reset on errors
  • Tweaked: Backend - Removed the SetFailed() state from OnErrorHandling response callback as it was redundant and called already
  • Tweaked: Support for deleting mods (API)
  • Changed: JsonApi buffer for local saves increased to 1MB
  • Changed: Backend - Environment connecting process for clients to be infinite, which allows re-connecting when there are temporary connection issues
  • Changed: Backend - Refactored Error + Timeout calls to get rid SetFailed() + SetTimeouted()
  • Changed: Backend - All possible JSON parse errors in WorkshopApi result in a failed state
  • Added: Backend - IsInitialized() API function to indicate an environment load is being processed
  • Added: Hiding an author's content request
  • Added: Author is blocked API
  • Added: BattlEye server filter with icons and a localized string
  • Added: Server browser kick dialogs fallback to error group


  • Fixed: BaseWorldAPI::ProjectViewportToWorld missing one parameter in the script declaration
  • Fixed: Pivot ID not being applied to camera transformation in PiP scopes
  • Changed: Only allow CharacterAnimationComponent on ChimeraCharacters
  • Added: Option to set PiP camera angles for specific kinds of optics

Game Master

  • Fixed: "Clear all destroyed entities" action deletes destroyed vehicles now

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