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Attention soldiers,

We're going to update the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game. The game will be updated today, May 4th. There will be server downtime between 12:00 - 15:00 CET. Changelog


  • Added: InventoryItemComponent::PlaceOnGround method to be able to place items on the ground from a script

  • Changed: General art vegetation, clutter, and surfaces cleanup and polishing 

  • Fixed: Mine can be placed on characters (kinematic bodies)

  • Fixed: Data errors in Brick Gate 01

  • Fixed: Settings freeze fix

  • Fixed: Small refactor of item changing replication. Should fix situations where mine arming animations wouldn't start or interrupt correctly

  • Fixed: It was possible to equip a mine with a gadget if the mine is equipped from the ground

  • Fixed: Player would exit the vehicle through the roof at low server FPS 

  • Fixed: Bug with forbidden gadget equipping if a weapon isn't unequipped

  • Fixed: 2D sights adjustment didn't match PIP properly 

  • Fixed: Dying with scoped binos didn't clear the ADS state 

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