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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game.


  • Added: It's now possible to add attachments to a weapon via drag and drop from the arsenal

  • Added: Reload equipped weapon in inventory via drag and drop

  • Added: Vehicles now take damage when falling into water

  • Changed: Optimization of processing colliders data in Hit Registration System

  • Tweaked: Helicopter turret reload durations to be more equal, around 8 seconds

  • Tweaked: Spin on flares is now faster and actually visible

  • Tweaked: Flares descend slightly slower

  • Tweaked: Vehicle emissive light surfaces

  • Tweaked: removed offsets on the passengers and navigator idle compartments that break the get-in animations

  • Fixed: Pilot and Copilot seat position type variable was switched

  • Fixed: Optics illumination toggle wasn't working on 2D sights

  • Fixed: Mine placement range was too short

  • Fixed: Chat could still be used while disabled in Interface settings

  • Fixed: Supplies->vehicle transfer via drag and drop was not always registered

  • Fixed: Supply boxes in inventory didn't take into account stacked supplies

  • Fixed: Radio frequency display values in various field manual pages

  • Fixed: Incorrect ammo type icon for rocket launchers in equipped slots

  • Fixed: Issue where you would get duplicate regen effects after removing the tourniquet after bleeding was stopped

  • Fixed: UH1H gunner seats using the wrong door for entry and getting stuck

  • Fixed: Misplaced character after switching seats from turrets

  • Fixed: Character teleports out of vehicles that are upside down

  • Fixed: Aiming angles snapping in first person camera when exiting vehicles. Character rotating before closing the door when exiting vehicles, instead of after.

  • Fixed: Localization for deployable spawn point loadout switch

  • Fixed: Twitching in character locomotion when holding backwards and then left-right

  • Fixed: Getting stuck when switching seats between two entities

  • Fixed: If during get out, the exit point is obstructed, the character stays inside the vehicle

  • Fixed: Wrong seat type broke animation when getting into the left passenger seat of S105 

  • Fixed: fixed SeatPositionTypes for the pilot and copilot states in the animation graph for the UH1 armed version as well 

  • Fixed: Mi-8 gunners graphs - switching seat anims conditions

  • Fixed: Cancelling exiting a vehicle would not reset the character position to the seat

  • Fixed: Desynced anims after getting kicked and joining back into a vehicle

  • Fixed: unable to join a server until unrelated downloads are finished

  • Fixed: Deploy sound for the red flare now plays correctly

  • Removed: Attaching explosive charges to players who were in the vehicle


  • Fixed: Inventory crash on processing already deleted items

  • Fixed: Crash when trying to access invalid storage manager after hierarchy delete

  • Fixed: Crash because of NULLPTR doorInfo when teleporting characters into vehicles

  • Fixed: Fixed the fix for crashing by fixing characters not correctly teleporting into turrets when moved there via GM

  • Fixed: Crash upon destroying a helicopter with a stuck occupant

  • Fixed: Game would freeze when a player equipped the mine

  • Fixed: Crash in animation sampling in model-space

  • Fixed: Crash when a character dies in a vehicle

Playable Content

  • Tweaked: Combat Ops - Hideout spawn items, added flares and ak74u

  • Fixed: Combat Ops - Garbage Manager deletes Task entities when it should not

  • Fixed: Combat Ops - Deliver Ammo/MedicalSupplies/Ammo task finishes itself as player approaches it

  • Fixed: Conflict - Radio signal is not working on Conflict North & South scenarios

Game Master

  • Fixed: AI waypoints have no budget associated

  • Fixed: Character gets stuck if, during paused GM, they get moved into a vehicle, then out, and then back into the vehicle

  • Fixed: Character stuck after being teleported into a vehicle by Game Master and then trying to exit through an obstructed door

  • Fixed: Cycle waypoints not working on server

  • Fixed: Get Out waypoint localization

  • Fixed: Waypoints and tasks can be attached to more entities now


  • Added: Usage of illumination flares at night

  • Added: AI driver disables hazard lights when entering new vehicle

  • Changed: AIs close doors behind them when entering vehicles

  • Changed: If no AIWorld is present or there's issues when creating/modifying move handlers, notify through logs

  • Fixed: Group was ignoring follow command when in vehicle

  • Fixed: Get Out waypoint not working

  • Fixed: Incorrect roadblock data generated

  • Fixed: AIs choose wrong positions before starting the enter action on vehicles

  • Fixed: AI get in vehicle now clears reservation of compartment at the end of the actual get in instead of at the request

  • Fixed: APCs PID setting for sharp turns

  • Fixed: AIs getting stuck while kicking their dead friends out of vehicles


  • Changed: Sight magnification use WeaponOpticsZoomIn and WeaponOpticsZoomOut instead of single WeaponChangeMagnification

  • Fixed: Missing ability to unbind "Zoom in" and "Zoom out" actions from Alt + Mouse Wheel


  • Added: Scripters can disable SPACE canceling loitering via disableInput parameter on StartLoitering

  • Added: Glass emissive material bases for different content setups

  • Changed: Optics - Separate RegisterInputs and HandleSightActivation, HandleSightDeactivation methods for scripted sights components

  • Changed: Now clearing damage history when it becomes redundant

  • Fixed: DotDamageEffects work at half the speed

  • Fixed: Broken regen and added improved API for canBeHealed

  • Fixed: Spawning a character through DefaultOccupantName does not attach the vehicle graph and makes the character stand in the vehicle seat

  • Removed: Optics - Obsolete attributes from 2DSightsComponent: m_fRecoilScaleMax, m_fRecoilTranslationTarget, m_fRecoilScaleTranslation, m_sLayoutResource

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