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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game.


  • Added: UH-1H and Mi-8 machine gun magazines into Arsenal

  • Changed: Increased max weight of the IIFS backpack

  • Tweaked: Lights on UAZ452 were dark from afar

  • Tweaked: PKMT on Mi8 now uses 2Ball1Tracer magazine instead of 4Ball1Tracer

  • Tweaked: Inventory preview of M60D mag


  • Fixed: Crash on server when a character attempts to enter a vehicle without a VehicleAnimationComponent

  • Fixed: Crash when removing damage effects

  • Fixed: Crash when entering a compartment with no PositionInfo set

  • Fixed: VME on SCR_ResourceContainer.Clear 

  • Fixed: VME with MultiPhaseDestructibles colliding with terrain

  • Fixed: VME avoided when canceling Get In waypoint mid-activity

  • Fixed: Crash caused by simultaneous system registration/un-registration in turret component


  • Added: Ukrainian localization

  • Changed: Optimized destruction OnFilteredContact

  • Changed: MultiPhaseDestructibles no longer collide vs other static entities

  • Changed: Updated localization

  • Changed: Increased the incendiary effect on destruction of fuel tank being destroyed on trucks

  • Changed: Made all extremities (hitzones further away from center of mass) less likely to bleed

  • Tweaked: Moved lock controls user action to both sticks for pilot and copilot

  • Fixed: Explosive charges would remain attached to the slotted parts of the vest when player would equip that vest

  • Fixed: Vehicles - Machine gun is stuck in quickbar after exiting machine gunner seat

  • Fixed: "Remove casualties" action missing on some vehicles

  • Fixed: Switch seats animations to the Mi8 front turret

  • Fixed: Character would not go to sitting animation when closing doors from inside of a vehicle without char animations

  • Fixed: Previously incorrect condition for locking seats when entering them, allowing 2 chars to enter 1 seat

  • Fixed: Character pose in turret and its replication and replication of aiming in turret

  • Fixed: Teleporting from a child object of a vehicle would choose the incorrect door

  • Fixed: Starting a new CommandVehicle on server when a player reconnects leading to desync in vehicle state

  • Fixed: Binding the correct door when entering a vehicle consisting of multiple parts

  • Fixed: Character moves with vehicle while getting in

  • Fixed: Character gets stuck on get in after surviving a get in interrupted by vehicle deletion

  • Fixed: Obstructed door can lead to character teleporting high up on roofs and such

  • Fixed: If the get out animation started, character can continue exiting into geometry

  • Fixed: Kicking dead characters out of vehicles would not work and would desync the door state

  • Fixed: When getting in to the helicopter as a navigator player no longer gets stuck, also fixed alignment points when getting in or out the Mi8 helicopter

  • Fixed: User action inconsistency of get in, get out, open, and close door on various vehicles

  • Fixed: Character could get stuck if mashing X during get in

  • Fixed: Character no longer gets stuck when entering the gunner seat on UH1. Replaced compartment seats on the UH1 cargo seats prefab for compartment door reference

  • Fixed: Character clips through the roof when getting in and gets stuck inside the vehicle of UAZ452 ambulance as a doctor or patient

  • Fixed: Door opening no longer get stuck when getting out from the rear doors of M997 ambulance

  • Fixed: Opening/ closing doors from inside as driver/codriver no longer makes the character rotate in their seat

  • Fixed: Reexported switching seats and idle poses for copilot/pilot of UH-1

  • Fixed: Submunition spawns twice when submunition has RplComponent

  • Removed: ExitGame button removed on Consoles

  • Removed: Decimal numbers by radio frequencies

Playable Content

  • Added: Road network initial state data for Conflict and CombatOps maps that take into account pre-placed objects

  • Changed: US field hospital composition no longer contains a large amount of supplies

  • Changed: Conflict notifications are now controlled by Notification Interface settings

  • Fixed: It was possible to respawn on a lost base

  • Fixed: Improved performance after selecting a faction in conflict role selection menu

Game Master

  • Fixed: Teleporting players in paused GM would break their animations

  • Fixed: Defend WP was replaced by suppress WP in living quarters

  • Fixed: GM delay caused by preloading that caused group not to be set


  • Added: Soldiers learned to adapt intensity of suppressive fire based on estimated threat

  • Changed: Pathfinding failure of leaders not transferred to the group

  • Changed: Invoke move to location only when there's a significant distance

  • Tweaked: AI detection time coefficients. Now detection time is a bit bigger

  • Fixed: AI turret operator in a car wasn't looking forward when moving to a waypoint

  • Fixed: Spamming GetIn / GetOut command breaking the AI state


  • Changed: Player ADS sensitivity multiplier handling moved to script so that it can be blended by ADS progress

  • Fixed: Right stick aiming with turrets was significantly slower than with personal weapons

  • Fixed: Aim sensitivity behaves differently on Retail vs _Internal

  • Fixed: AI aiming was using FOV input scaling and mouse/gamepad sensitivity of player

  • Fixed: ADS sensitivity multiplier was not functional 


  • Fixed: Inability to host server with crossPlatform param

  • Fixed: Toggle loadout spawning user action not showing for deployable radios on a dedicated server

  • Fixed: Character sideways anims don't work when getting out of water on remote proxy


  • Tweaked: Removed obsolete/faulty subSonic sound definition on flares

Scenario Framework

  • Added: Sample world with Waypoints for AI

  • Removed: Missing keyword attribute that is obsolete


  • Changed: Increased walkable climb check when applying navmesh rules to connection making

  • Tweaked: UI elements of RoadNetworkBuilderTool. Diag cleanup and diag ids for roads

  • Fixed: Crash when deleting roadnetwork manager


  • Added: Vehicle doors can specify if they require a specific graph to be bound to character to be opened/closed

  • Changed: Moved GetAncestorToLocalTransform() to EntityUtils

  • Fixed: GetAncestorToLocalTransform() failed on non-BaseGameEntity owner

  • Fixed: JsonLoadContainer not reading back root-level entries correctly

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