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Attention soldiers,

We are going to update the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game today, March 9th. Changelog


  • Changed: Optimized colliders on Sandbag_01_bunker

  • Fixed: Quick regenerating navmesh tiles could lead to the incorrect final result

  • Fixed: Make log-scopes infinite recursion bulletproof. 

  • Fixed: Closing stream not having prior record added when its last frame was ACKed

Modding - Enfusion Blender Tools

  • Added: Automatically register & import TXA files upon export 

  • Added: Support for importing structures prefabs to blender

  • Fixed: Bug with importing materials that have a space in the path 

VFX Update

  • Added: Particle FX light

  • Added: Particles - possibility to disable collision until a certain distance

  • Added: Weapon case 3d particles

  • Added: 3D vehicle debris and explosions

  • Added: Light into an explosion

  • Added: Lights into flash 

  • Added: SCR_ParticleEmitter - CreateOriented(), CreateAsChildOriented() and CreateOrientedEx() methods

  • Added: Collision-enabled particle interaction layer settings

  • Changed: Metal bullet casing impacts, generic attenuation curves

  • Changed: Better particle FX collisions 

  • Tweaked: SCR_ParticleEmitter - deperecated CreateWithTransformAsChild(), CreateWithTransformAsChildEx() and CreateAsChildEx() methods

  • Tweaked: Default values for particle material/prefab

  • Tweaked: Particle editor - new emitter is always created with the default material/prefab 

  • Tweaked: Disabled lens flares for particle lights 

  • Tweaked: Firearms particles

  • Tweaked: Polish of muzzle smoke 

  • Tweaked: Particle FX - ConeAngleMinDist and ConeAngleRndRange

  • Fixed: Instability/oscillation/drifting of nearly static particles, sliding particles (oscillation and speed issues), adds more options for controlling bounce direction and sliding friction

  • Fixed: Disabled some invalid combinations of particle settings Collisions for local-space-simulation particles, local-space for prefab particles (the option is unavailable in the editor, but it was loaded and used anyway)

  • Fixed: Particle FX - random emit angle distribution for ConeAngle.x < 360

  • Fixed: Particle FX - emit cone visualization for ConeAngle.x < 360

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