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Attention Soldiers,

We updated the Steam and Xbox Experimental applications of the game.

Important information for server admins:

Due to a known issue with this experimental update, it is necessary to run an official addon to ensure servers restart properly after matches by using the following server config:

		"mods": [
                "modId": "618CBC72C2D6859E",
                "name": "Server Terminate HotFix",
                "version": "1.0.0"


  • Changed: Commanding icons

  • Changed: Field manual illustration for Commanding

  • Changed: Changed position of interior fan for Mi-8

  • Changed: Visualization of Commands in QuickSlots

  • Fixed: Removed offsets on various vehicles that break the get-in animations

  • Fixed: Missing get-in locator for the S1203 mesh

  • Fixed: Exit positions for nested turrets

  • Fixed: Character correctly positioned into tripod turret. Hands correctly attached on proxy too

  • Fixed: Character couldn't exit turrets, which were spawned inside the world layer

  • Fixed: Camera angles resetting after performing vehicle actions even if we stayed in freelook

  • Fixed: Cannot start get in/get out while someone else is opening/closing door

  • Fixed: Desync when two characters manage to start entering a vehicle at the precisely same frame

  • Fixed: Switching seats no longer gets character stuck when in the middle of the animation of sitting up or down

  • Fixed: TSH400g explosive is no longer stretching the arm when prone turning, also M112 was missing an IK pose in the prefab

  • Fixed: Armed explosive charges could be garbage collected

  • Fixed: Applying turret passenger position for as long as we're in transition from Locomotion

  • Fixed: Rendering artifacts on inventory items

  • Fixed: Sidestep offset to not make character step on sandbags when moving in turret nest

  • Fixed: Characters in helicopters going back to idle pose after dying

  • Fixed: UGL zeroing is now properly aligned in the prone stance

  • Fixed: Fixed haybales destruction

  • Fixed: Character flying when equipping a detonator inside vehicles


  • Fixed: Crash when a vehicle gets destroyed

  • Fixed: Dedicated server crash when loading scenario with AIs

  • Fixed: Crash on exiting world while debugging

  • Fixed: VME in case GetInWaypoint misconfigured

  • Fixed: VME when giving get in command to burning vehicle

  • Fixed: Possible crash from setting formation displacements

  • Fixed: Potential crashes for incorrect updates of roadparts and concurrent addition of roads while rebuilding

  • Fixed: Crash during pathfinding when start/end road is missing 

  • Fixed: Crash when modifying roads

  • Fixed: VME in ScenarioFramework Area during initialization

Playable Content

  • Changed: Conflict - FIA supply caches now replenish their storage much quicker

  • Fixed: Game Master - GetOut appearing in living quarters

  • Fixed: Field hospital was lacking supplies


  • Changed: Enlarged agent radius for vehicles navmesh from 2m to 2.6m

  • Changed: Tweaked pathfollowing for trucks and APCs

  • Changed: AI Car movement system correctly determines if its driver died

  • Changed: Road network rebuilding also modifies the width of the road to prevent splitting roads when possible

  • Changed: Road width modifications changed to be targeted to certain areas instead of the whole road

  • Changed: Moved Obstacle Avoidance out of character and added it to car as well

  • Changed: AIWorld default min road width, updated checkpoint bridge points

  • Changed: -disableNavmeshStreaming CLI param now accepts array of navmesh project names

  • Tweaked: Road Network - Rework navlink insertion

  • Fixed: Disconnected navlinks at Levi base

  • Fixed: Get in now waits for full compartment occupancy

  • Fixed: Partial exit of a vehicle when only part of the group gets stuck

  • Fixed: Road network links didn't work well with narrowed roads


  • Added: Vehicle doors can specify if they require a specific graph to be bound to a character to be opened/closed


  • Fixed: Some network operations could get assigned to the wrong channel and cause stalls

  • Fixed: Shooting from turrets stops replicating to other clients after the gunner reloads a fully discharged magazine

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